Saturday, May 28, 2016

Damn poor timing, says the Japanese press

Un meurtre ravive la colère d’Okinawa contre l’armée américaine sur place

Political agitation, often involving civil disruption and sometime involving violence, against the US presence in Okinawa was old news when I was there, early 1972 to the second half of 1974.

Crimes of US servicemen against locals provided juicy pretexts.

Protests were organized, encouraged, and often run by the Japanese Communists.

US forces on the island played a big supporting role for the war in Vietnam, beyond their general strategic and Cold War significance.

Le meurtre d’une Japonaise par un ex-marine américain fait monter la colère à Okinawa. 

L’affaire survient alors qu’Obama effectue sa visite historique à Hiroshima : un timing désastreux, qui fait couler beaucoup d’encre au Japon.

La colère ne se dissipe pas à Okinawa depuis le viol et le meurtre d’une Okinawaise de 20 ans. 

Un ex-militaire américain, arrêté le 21 mai par la police japonaise, est soupçonné d’être l’auteur du crime.

“Le conseil municipal d’Okinawa vient d’adopter à l’unanimité la demande d’un retrait complet des soldats américains, fait inédit depuis qu’Okinawa a été rendu aux Japonais en 1972”, relate l’Asahi Shimbun. 

. . . .

L’affaire survient alors que le président Obama effectue sa visite historique à Hiroshima, ce vendredi 27 mai, pour dénoncer l’horreur de la guerre et prôner la dénucléarisation. 

“‘J’exprime mes plus profonds regrets pour ce meurtre’ a déclaré le président américain [au sujet de l’assassinat de la jeune fille]. 

"Mais ces mots ne suffiront pas pour éviter que ce genre de crimes se répète. Je demande à pouvoir rencontrer directement M. Obama”, a déclaré le gouverneur d’Okinawa, Takeshi Onaga, cité dans le Ryukyu Shimpo.

Better not go

WHO and IOC accused of coverup of Zika threat to Rio Olympics

The Rio Olympics have been hit by allegations of a conflict of interest over the dangers of the Zika virus to thousands of athletes and fans travelling to Brazil this summer.

Health experts have accused organisers of failing to take the threat of the virus seriously enough by refusing to cancel or postpone the Games.

They accused the World Health Organisation (WHO) of ignoring the danger to public health and being too close to the International Olympic Committee. ​

The anti-Trump gangsta element

Are all criminals Democrats or only the ones who go in for street violence?

Lord knows, Democrats line up on their side often enough.

Think Baltimore, think Feguson.

And think San Diego, too.

‘F**k The Police’: Anti-Trump Protesters in San Diego

The behavior of his supporters appears more and more to suit the attitudes of the man, himself.

Bernie Sanders' call for ouster of two convention co-chairs rejected

Two Clinton supporters.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Chicago PD

Hank Voight, serial murderer and one man crime wave, and his gang are the kind of trash who have ruined the real Chicago PD.

Why am I sure Trump is a big fan?

Hank is only the worst of the American police detectives on TV, so many of whom are arrogant, violent thugs who think their calling in life is to be comic book avengers of whatever particular sorts of crimes, against whatever particular sorts of victims, they personally find outrageous, by whatever means necessary, the preferred means being nearly always violence and absolutely always illegal.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are the police detectives who sees their calling as solving cases, finding out the guilty parties and apprehending them for trial so far as this can be done by lawful and ethical means, only.

Though still far from ideal, the police detectives on The Closer and Major Crimes were and are much closer to that end of the spectrum than those on Chicago PD.

Or even those on Morse, generally, an old TV series based on the novels by Colin Dexter now to be seen on Netflix.

And old British TV series.

BTW, have you noticed that many actors in leading roles in European TV series', old or even new, haven't had their teeth straightened?

Social democratic dentistry?

Trump and fossil fuels

Donald Trump: I'll cancel Paris climate agreement and stop all payments to UN fund to mitigate effects of climate change worldwide

The energy deal was and is a crime against American workers, American producers, and American consumers

He had lots to say about coal and the fossil fuel biz in general.

They will hear this not only in West Virginia but in Pennsylvania.

The stupid just goes on and on

The Pentagon favors drafting women if men are drafted

Under O, the Pentagon has come down in favor of opening all combat roles to women.

I really don't care whether or how many of the girls want to play with the boys.


The Senate Passed a Unanimous Resolution Supporting Equal Pay for U.S. Women’s Soccer

A sport not all that popular even when men are playing.

The senate unanimously passed this baloney.

Know them by the company they keep - or the people they placate

Bernie's bad platform committee choices

His appointees will be DSA leader and black race leader Cornel West, Muslim and black Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), radical environmentalist author Bill McKibben, Arab American Institute head James Zogby, and Native American activist Deborah Parker.

Well, radical party and extra-party and even anti-party activists working in undemocratic venues like party caucuses are responsible for a good fraction of his delegate count, so why wouldn't Bernie think it's just fine to let them write the platform for a party the vast bulk of whose members loathe radicals and their fifty shades of radicalism?

Brexit and the Europe of the Nations

George Will against the EU and for Brexit

GW loathes Trump and Trumpism.

Is he finding his way away from Wall Street conservatism toward a personal and ideological rapprochement with Buchananism?

Trump leads a rebellion of white men

So say not only his enemies, but his closest ideological supporters.

The Great White Hope

How Trumpists respond to attempts to make women dislike or mistrust Il Duce

It's all about the Big Dog, emphasizing Hillary's complicity

Sure, it's low and very, very ugly.

But true.

Worth looking at.