Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Foyle's War

On Netflix.

The objection to conscientious objection.

People who want to avoid war for fantastic, idiot beliefs are let out of the draft.

People who want to avoid war for perfectly sensible reasons - for safety's sake, for example - are forced to go.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

'Supreme Court Is Wrong On The Second Amendment'

Quite so.

The Incorporation Doctrine is false and the 2nd Amendment does not limit state power to control or even ban weapons in general or firearms in particular.

But that is not what Hillary means.

She is asserting the much debunked liberal dogma that the 2nd Amendment guarantees the states the right to maintain militias or, in today's context, the National Guard, and does not guarantee an individual right to "keep and bear arms," at all.

This about O's position and remarks is interesting.


About incorporation, libertarians and some conservatives currently agree with some liberals in holding that the privileges or immunities clause in fact makes the 14th Amendment do what people used to say the due process clause made it do, make constitutional rights previously only good against the general government equally good against the states.

But the thing is a near-mindless repetition of the privileges and immunities clause of the Articles of Confederation and Article IV of the US Constitution.

To accomplish so revolutionary a change as the Incorporation Doctrine contemplates, language clearly intending just that would have been used and the thing would have been sharply and clearly controverted and discussed during drafting and ratification.

What did happen was considerable muddle and confusion between (a) the rights of persons and the rights of citizens, (b) preventing states from denying rights to the freedmen previously afforded by them to free whites, (c) preventing states from denying rights to freedmen or others that already existed according to the pre-Civil War constitution and (d) extending constitutional guarantees against certain sorts of behavior by the federal government by prohibiting those same sorts of behavior to the states (incorporation).


So much worse than Mardi Gras, and we know what that's like.

Hillary Clinton Invites Ted Cruz to Gay-Pride Parade

"Stuff happens"

Bush spoke of the Oregon shootings as in the category of faits divers, so to speak.

Democrats pounce as Bush defends 'stuff happens' remarks

It's more or less true that, as O said, "Every couple of months we have a mass shooting."

Though I suppose that actually underscores Jeb's point.

Trump's reaction was much the same.

Politicians of both major parties reacted in a way that was entirely predictable and typical of the alignment of the parties.

GOP candidates: Gun laws won't stop 'crazies'

Of course, the position of the Democrats rests on the obvious thought that if there were no guns in the hands of anyone but troops and police there would be few mass shootings, and indeed few shootings at all, in the land.

But there are many millions of guns in the hands of American civilians and trying to undo that would be likely more disruptive than attempting to deport all 11 million of our illegal aliens.

Either project would require massive and draconian efforts.

Just a thought: Democrats sometimes seem to have a very hard time accepting that in a democracy, and in a republic, you can go decades trying and never actually get your way.

And maybe it's not just Democrats.

Fundamentally screwed up

Federal efforts to infringe the individual's right to keep and bear arms are unconstitutional.

States, on the other hand, are not bound by the 2nd Amendment, being limited in their authority to deal with weapons only by their own constitutions, some but not all of which contain provisions similar to the 2nd Amendment.

Pretty much everybody who has anything to say about gun rights and gun control is completely oblivious of those truths.

Or simply refuses them.

After Oregon, gun control could give Clinton clout against Sanders

Crushed by convention

Ford's moral, if it is his and not only Dowell's, is trite.

Convention denies people what they want and so they are broken and miserable.

But it is not convention that ruins these people but the incompatibility of their desires and their flawed characters.

If Ford's story is a tragedy at all it is quite an old-fashioned one, so far as that goes.

Early on and more than once, later, he shows us that the happiness of his characters depends, again in classic style, on ignorance of their true relations, often deliberately maintained by those closest to them through plain deception.

Sophocles is not far off.

Reading The Good Soldier.

Friday, October 2, 2015