Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ebola: Seems like old times, though the CDC is not quite ready to publicly admit it. But it's close.

Police Quarantine, Open Fire On Liberian Neighborhood Over Ebola Crisis

Says the article, in pertinent part.

Quarantines of this nature have not been imposed for close to a century. 

The Centers of Disease Control believes the method can be effective, but implores authorities to use it humanely, allowing food, water, and medical care to be able to enter the areas in question.

“It might work,” Centers for Disease Control quarantine expert Dr. Martin S. Cetron said to the New York Times. 

“But it has a lot of potential to go poorly if it’s not done with an ethical approach. 

"Just letting the disease burn out and considering that the price of controlling it — we don’t live in that era anymore.”

Actually, we do, in Africa and anywhere else the locals cannot or will not cooperate with more modern, less Draconian methods.

I am thinking this is going to get worse.

The disease will continue to spread.

Eventually, the grim necessity and cruel consequences of such methods - there will be plenty of violence, destruction, and "collateral damage" as we go along - will be blamed on the West and especially on America.

The race card has already been played several times during this outbreak at liberal net venues, and it will get much worse.

Specific topics have so far included use of experimental drugs in very short supply for white Ebola victims but not others - the short supplies themselves being blamed on capitalist medicine and profit-driven drug R&D - and the slow and inadequate response of America to the outbreak, both of them already repeatedly condemned as racist.

That will be how the left bludgeons us toward massive transfers of wealth in aid of a sort of limited socialized medicine for Africa, financed almost exclusively by the Occident, with increasingly frequent and hysterical denunciations of racism eventually reaching endorsements of anti-white and anti-Western violence in North America, Europe, and Africa.

No blame will attack to liberals for so far persistently denouncing publicity for and expressions of alarm about this outbreak as right wing, racist, and alarmist propaganda.

If I recall correctly, Germany lost half its population to the Black Plague.

How much of Africa's population will be lost to this epidemic?

And whose fault will that be?

"Hey, hey, ho, ho; Western Civ has got to go!"

Boots on the ground in Iraq? War in Syria?

Will it be war?

O may seek an unconstitutional in letter though not in spirit congressional authorization for the use of force to go at ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Greg Dworkin reports the public is opposed.

I have seen no polls.

Is he just making that up?

According to the right, the public demands action and revenge for James Foley.

When they claim to be "reality-based," don't snicker.

When someone quotes Daniel Patrick Moynihan, don't cry.

O does not want to allow ISIS a safe haven from American attack - though not from the forces of Assad - in Syria.

But he does not want to be seen as allying with or relying on Assad, nor does he seem quite yet ready to admit, even to himself, that Assad is the best we can hope for in Syria.

Dworkin does not agree.

Essay question

Twitter beat cable to #Ferguson, but cable quickly followed, led by MSNBC

Liberals award plaudits for quicker and more coverage of Ferguson.


More time on Ebola and less on both Ferguson and ISIS would have pleased me more.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Is the game worth the candle?

Not to me.

Radical shifts needed to combat IS.


Let them be someone else's radical shifts.

A couple beers and BBC is hilarious

Well, I suppose it's just that PC is hilarious.

Manning 'denied gender treatment'

The US military has yet to offer Pte First Class Chelsea Manning sex change treatment despite medical recommendations, her lawyer has said.

Crazy voters make for crazy laws.

Poll: Most Americans Want to Criminalize Pre-Teens Playing Unsupervised

Go watch "To Kill a Mockingbird" again.

Note the kids play unsupervised in a time and place when and where guns were common as dirt, and all adults who happened to be handy were expected to intervene in a supervisory capacity if need be.

Today they might be arrested.

And then the parents would be arrested for letting their kids out, unaccompanied.

Any movie made before 2000 could show kids alone or in swarms playing out of doors, unsupervised.

Ever read Tom Sawyer?

Huckleberry Finn?

I think it started with the special kid seats people are nowadays required to strap their children into.

I was raised in the era of bench seats, and rode in the front seat on my Mom's lap.

Nobody got arrested or even ticketed.

PS, not just the voters are crazy.

Aurora Theater Should Have Predicted Mass Shooting, Judge Rules

Because that sort of thing happens, said the judge.

Drudge, irresponsible media, Republican jackasses, fabricate specific threat to American city

Threat to Chicago

Inhofe warns of attack

They don't care what kind of bilge they spew, so long as it hurts O and drags the country toward another whopping, unnecessary war.

Every right wing war-puppy on the net or with any sort of media megaphone is demanding war, urging terror, and denouncing O for utter cluelessness.

They really, really, really want to get back into the game in Iraq.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


People who want to make history are the worst thing about history.

Don't expect this will work

Liberia seals off slum of 50,000 people

Imagine the residents of Ferguson asked to display the social discipline needed to contain an outbreak.

That's about how well things are going in Liberia.

Anyway, it won't be long before this becomes another inspiration for massive and perhaps global outbursts of hatred for white people that our media and leftists will furiously encourage, blaming the related carnage entirely on people who have nothing to do with it.

Actually a pretty stupid remark

Hollande on ISIS

The article quotes him thus.

He also said that the international community bore a “heavy responsibility” for what is happening in Syria, with its knock-on effects in Iraq.

“If, two years ago, we had acted to ensure a transition, we wouldn’t have had ISIS,” he said.

“If, one year ago, the major powers had reacted to the use of chemical weapons, we wouldn’t have had this terrible choice between a dictator and a terrorist group,” adding that the rebels “deserve all our support,” he added.


A year ago they should have agreed with Russia to leave Assad alone.

Not as bad as the Khmer Rouge, these guys are pretty awful and their much more expansive ambitions make them more dangerous to their neighbors, to Europe, and (though at quite a remove) to America than the KR ever were.

Organized efforts to cope with ISIS would be welcome, I think.

But no further significant American military involvement should be needed or would be desirable.

Not our turn, this week.

Germany on world-cop duty, maybe?