Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ebola serum

Ebola serum for Africa 'in weeks'

BBC, so-called 'singular they,' of course.

It's probably on their list of unbreakable rules of style.

If a person has successfully fought off the infection, it means their body has learned how to combat the virus and they will have antibodies in their blood that can attack Ebola.

Grammatically corrected, that reads thus.

If a person has successfully fought off the infection, it means his body has learned how to combat the virus and he will have antibodies in his blood that can attack Ebola.

I was taught grammar by a succession of elderly New England maiden ladies.

Wouldn't want to let them down.

Good news about the serum.


Certain Arab states have been rolling in oil money for decades, using it to buy ridiculous luxuries for their rulers and to finance not only the teaching of Jihader ideology but the conduct of Jihad by groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Are they helping at all with the Ebola crisis?

Could O be planning a presidential nullification of immigration law?

Green cards

They hint he will do so after the election, the point being to influence the election.

But we've seen stranger things.

More American Jihad groupies in Denver

FBI: US girls may have tried to join jihadis

Joining the sexual Jihad?

Volunteering for the role of slave girl?

People are weird beyond belief.

21 days of self-monitoring and calling in, not quarantine, for people traveling to the US from Ebola countries

CDC: Monitoring for All Coming From Ebola Nations

A step in the right direction.

Did somebody notice an election coming?

But not really good enough.

Too many people coming to America just get off a plane and disappear, as it is.

And haven't we had enough bad experience in other contexts of reliance on an "honor system"?

Good news. We have to wonder who gets the bill.

NBC Cameraman Ebola-Free

Ashoka Mukpo, the freelance American journalist who caught Ebola and was today discharged Nebraska Medical Center, said he owes the hospital staff "a debt he can never repay."

Shootings in Ottawa

'Horrific day' amid war memorial shooting near Canada's Parliament

Authorities have not said but the most reasonable guess would be that this is a Muslim terrorist attack.

But I do emphasize this is a guess.

Apparently one soldier on guard duty was killed, one gunman was killed by police, and it remains uncertain whether additional gunmen number 1 or 2.

At least one gunman was armed with a rifle.

All within the last couple of hours at most, I think.


Multiple shooters in Ottawa attack

Breast cancer is and has always been less a health problem than prostate cancer

Imagine that.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

State of Siege

Camus' blindingly stupid play.

Rarely that much fun at the booth

The Hilarious Moment When a Guy Told Obama ‘Don’t Touch My Girlfriend’

Phooey. Just for show.

US imposes Ebola travel restrictions

The Obama administration has announced America’s first Ebola-related travel restrictions, forcing passengers originating from affected countries in west Africa to fly via US airports with screening procedures in place.

It looks better for O than rigid stonewalling.

But that's pretty much it.

It's just "optics," as they say.