Saturday, September 20, 2014

A beautiful, not quite fall morning

Sunny, clear, about sixty degrees at 9:30.

Tuesday, September 23, will be the first day of fall, says the Almanac.

Happy equinox.

Fallacies of numbing grossness

Arguments made in propaganda are that.

It is as close to a universal law on the subject as you can get.

On the whole, propaganda aspires to be coarse, ignorant, and very stupid.

That is in its nature.

Is it because it is addressed to people who are coarse, ignorant, and very stupid?

Or because talking such egregious rot to your face demonstrates the power relations at work?

It is a particularly brutal style of talking de haut en bas, after all.

An example is the bland stupidity of the liberal argument that there are no witches because there is no Devil.

Or that witches are harmless because there is no Devil.


Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia Eurasia Eastasia.

A month ago it was the liberals in Ebola denial and the conservatives hopping mad nobody was paying attention.

Satanists are funny, and on our side!

So think liberals.

The Satanic Temple’s hilarious response to a pro-religion court ruling

The enemy of my enemy

Is Satanism a religion?

Why, because its adherents say it is?

Because liberals say it is?

The same people who say (wrongly) that Bradley Manning is a girl and (rightly) that atheism is not a religion?

What people say in their propaganda is only incidentally related to truth or falsehood.

That is not a concern.

Free speech for me but not for thee?

The Buckley Program Stands Up for Free Speech

Does Front Page defend the right of Muslim preachers to preach hatred for the West in their mosques in America and Europe?

Hatred for Israel and for Jews?

Praise for young men going off to fight for ISIS and young women going off for "sexual jihad"?

Does the Buckley Program?

Seems like a big effort to avert one or two murders.

OK, so three, maybe.

Australia raids over 'Islamic State plot to behead'

Over 800 officers involved.

Remember the manhunt for the Boston Bombers?


Feed the terror.

The Aussies are sending ground troops to fight ISIS in Iraq.


White boy defends the honor of the black race

Charles Barkley on Adrian Peterson: 'Every black parent in the South' whips their children

White boy knows his job, doesn't he?

With scorn and mockery, he damns CB for whatever it was he did.

Was CB defending spanking?

Was he lamenting the practice is common among blacks?

Well, whatever it was, white boy knew it ain't allowed, even for black folks.

So he continued the liberal war on physical disciplining of children while enforcing the liberal commandment, Thou shalt speak no evil of blacks.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A perfect model

At the bottom of the social pyramid are the proles, the little people, the powerless.

At the top are the true elites, the Inner Party.

And in between are the dupes of the regime, the true believers, the serious and responsible, respectable people.

The Outer Party.

Winston Smith, even before he is individually savaged by the state in the person of O'Brian, gets it.

But then again, he doesn't.

Salvation, he thinks, must come from the proles.

And that is like counting on all the molecules of your TV set quite at random to lurch, spontaneously and simultaneously, three feet to the left - thus causing the set to lurch three feet to the left.

And, anyway, they are as close to impervious to moral/political/ideological bullshit as anyone can be, the proles are.

Hence they are not revolutionaries - or at any rate never revolutionaries for something, though the little people, driven past endurance, do sometimes - rather often, historically, really - revolt against their masters, spreading death, destruction, and horror.

As slaves have done, from time to time.

Think of Spartacus's rebellion.

And, anyway, there is no salvation from the human condition.

Reading 1984.

My parents would've been jailed for so many things, had the law then been what it is now

Texas woman persecuted for letting kid play outside alone

We played outside alone for a lot longer than that, when younger, my brother and sister and I.

We rode in Mom's lap in the front (bench) seat of a car, and rode in the back (bench) seat with no seat belt when still quite small.

We were left along in the car in summer while our parents did errands.

And, oh, there was the occasional spanking or slap, you know.

Older kids could personally own .22s or shotguns, and took them to school in the morning, dropping them off during the day in the principal's office, so they could go hunting straight from school.

Ads for firearms were printed on comic book covers and you could order them through the mail.

BB guns, too; but I mean actual firearms like rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

The past is another country, sure.

But now my past is another country.

Columbine, 9/11. What's the difference?

No as much as you might think.

School insanity