Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Axe the filibuster

I think they should go ahead and do it, for God's sake.

The senate by its composition makes a mockery of majoritarianism and democracy, both; and the filibuster, no part of the plan of the Framers, makes the mockery all the worse.

The constitution is not explicit, but it's clear enough the Framers took majoritarian voting in both houses for granted except where they specified a different requirement, as in the ratification of treaties or votes for impeachment.

On that understanding, the senate is not empowered to abandon majoritarianism by adopting a rule because nothing controlled by the constitution itself can be changed except via Article V, though we have long had and lately much exercised the habit of allowing the Supremes to do that while egregiously claiming they are doing nothing of the kind.

And that means the filibuster is unconstitutional, anyway.

(And so are the senate's rules for the adoption and amendment of its own rules.)

Conservatives set ridiculous filibuster reform litmus test for Obamacare repeal

As for repeal of O-care, no, I don't favor it.

Of course not.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Feminists are crackpots

I understand and even sympathize with the simple lust for money that drives the whole "equal pay for equal work" thing.

But this particular instance reveals just how egregiously laughable are feminist claims as to what is "equal work."

See if the advertisers feel the same way.

U.S. Women Win World Cup, Get Stiffed By FIFA

Women's soccer is to men's soccer as women's baseball is to men's.

There's no women's baseball?

Little League, then.

Oh, in case you are one of the three living Americans above 10 who didn't realize women's sports are lesbian dominated because it's they who so want to be Tom-boys, duh, this may surprise you.

In The Goal, And Out Of The Closet, At The Women’s World Cup

One of those "No, you don't say!" things.

Much like women in the cops, the fire department, and the military.

All that stuff really isn't so much women's liberation as lesbian liberation.

Yes, it's been that way all along.

Many, perhaps most, of the leaders and heroes of the sisterhood have always been lesbians.

Even back in the old days of the Temperance and Sufferance movements.

There was always more than a grain of truth in the jibe that Feminism was just respectable sheep's clothing for a movement of lesbians who wanted to live, work, and play like boys.

Apparently it is now politically OK to admit that.

Maybe we will eventually be able to admit that Bruce Jenner isn't really a woman.

Well, not really really.


The enemy cries "foul!"

Enemies of Greece, the Greek state, the Greek government, and the Greek people denounce the vote on Sunday as unlawful and not valid.

What a load of horse-shit.

EU dismisses Greek referendum as 'not legally correct'

The Greek predicament


It's no surprise am radio blames the Greeks, socialism, blah, blah.

Though I was astonished this morning when, sampling a bit of am for the first time in a long time, each of 5 stations in a row had blatherers on doing relentless right-wing blathering against Obama, against Greece, against Governor Wolf, and even against not only women's soccer (the US team just beat Japan in the Women's World Cup) but soccer in general.

US conservatives don't like soccer?


And the US left loves it and wants to encourage its popularity here.

It's about cosmopolitanism.

But, anyway, respected discussion shows on American public radio are doing it, too.

Attacking the Greeks, I mean, blaming them.

In the latter case, it's the "big picture," pro-euro, anti-nationalist left pissed off at the more narrowly focused Greek government, trying to save the people of Greece from further devastation by the neoliberal-dominated global, German, and European banks, tools of the notoriously elite-controlled and democracy-deficited European Union.

They are much more worried about the euro unraveling, and then the European Union.

They really don't like the nation state, nationalism, and nationalist politics, especially in Europe, especially (in the end) in Germany.

Better, in the "big picture," in the eyes of this left, that Greece and the Greeks should get beaten to a pulp by the Lords of the Universe than that the European Union should be put in danger.

They seem to have no thought of blaming the bankers, bureaucrats, and government leaders who have refused to budge and have even managed just now to take a scalp, forcing the Greek PM to fire his finance minister.

That ought to be a re-assuring signal to the cosmo-left.

If he hasn't got the sand to stand up for his own team, how will he have the sand to tell them to shove it, when it comes to that?

The real question mark is China

But Western media have been hyping hysteria about Greece.

Panic and blame in China's markets

How far will this go?

Dukes of Hazzard car to lose flag

The flag divides opinion in the US, symbolising racism to its critics - and southern heritage to its defenders.

They are both right.

Tsipras castrates himself for his enemies

Now they know they have his balls in a little jar.

Update 7/6.

Maybe not.

The guy's replacement, though less dramatic in style, is reportedly not very different in his political view and aims.


"Meet the new boss . . . . ."

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Belated Dad's Day gift


It's the Charge HR my step-daughter gave me, a very cool gadget for basic fitness tracking.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Celebrating the Fourth. Not my history

Immigrants and new citizens might celebrate the birthday of their new country.

They might approve - or not - some, much, none, or all of its history.

But at any rate it wasn't and isn't their own history, or the history of their ancestors or their ancestral countries.

To new Americans, certainly it is not true that the entire history of America, from colonial times or from 1776, was their history.

Not the Salem witch trials.

Not the slaughter and deportation of the Cherokees.

Not the Civil War.

Not the era of Jim Crow.

Not Prohibition.

Not Mr. Wilson's war.

And so on.

How much of it is your history, or the history of your ancestors?

Well, when did they get here?

And how much of it did they take part in, support, or approve?

Watching Ken Burns's Prohibition.

The Horrible Regiment of Women, on the move.


Best night for fireworks in years.

Clear, not hot, no bugs (did the mosquitoes disappear with the bees?).

Happy Fourth.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The death of "ought"? Not at all.

Our contemporary secularists can stand a world without God only because they don't see it as a world without morality, meaning, valid ideals, and a true common good.

Eyes firmly shut, they refuse to see these are just more delusions, more lies.

More "wheels in the head," so to speak.

But they will never see that even if they say it.

True activists are always true believers.

Reading Peter Watson, The Age of Atheists.

7/3, I've read enough to regret buying it.