Thursday, April 16, 2015

Is Pat reading him right?

Obama Cuts Loose Old Alliances

The pope believes. So should you. Besides, he has moral authority except when he rejects gay marriage, divorce, and the like.

He believes in the Trinity, too. The Virgin Birth. The resurrection. Transubstantiation. And on and on.

We're supposed to believe things on his say so?

Pope Francis to Host Major Summit on Climate Change

It's a scam to justify massive wealth transfer from global North to global South.

Right up his alley.

Agent causation

Suppose the brain is the Ego, the mind, the soul, the intellect, the self, that mental events are distinct from physical events, and non-redundant interactionism is true (think philosophical swerve).

Then in a case of interaction we can think of physical events as input and other physical events as output that the input physical events do not themselves cause; they are caused by intervening mental events, singly or in chains or in complexes, that themselves originate with the input physical events.

If a particular physical brain event as input causes a particular thinking event, do thinking events ever cause such physical brain events as output?

Are thinking events correlated with physical brain events in such wise that the occurrence of either causes the other?

Are any of those that seem to be voluntary choices not caused by preceding events, physical or mental, but instead simply by the self?

Fetal murder

Meet The Real Abortion Extremists

Shoot him down for what? Lèse-majesté?

Scarborough on DC Gyrocopter Activist: 'Shoot Him Down... Shoot Him Down!'

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough went on a tear during Thursday's "Morning Joe," saying that security at the U.S. Capitol should've shot down the 61-year-old man who flew his helicopter onto the Capitol lawn.

"Is it just me?" Scarborough said. "Shoot 'em. Just shoot 'em."

"If you're in charge of security for the Capitol do you let him fly around or do you shoot him down?" Scarborough continued. 

"Shoot him down. Magical pony flying through the sky? Shoot it down."

Hardly seems that should be an offense in our republic.

The dark side of the doc fix

It is not true that the cuts to Medicare adversely affect only the rich.

Some of the cuts do that.

Others do not.

Obama Is About To Sign The Biggest Health Care Bill Since Obamacare

[I]t cuts billions of dollars from Medicare. 

It requires seniors who earn between $133,500 and $214,000 a year (and couples making twice that amount) to pay more for insurance and prescription drug coverage, and cuts spending on supplemental Medigap plans in order to discourage over-utilization of services on the taxpayer dime. 

It also modestly reduces long-term spending on providers of hospice care, home health services and nursing homes.

The Democrats gave that to the Republicans in return for extension of the CHIP program.

The mutual estrangement between seniors and Democrats continues to grow.

Maybe that's what it takes

De Blasio seeks to lead shift to left

NY Mayor Bill de Blasio is closer to the radical left than to the mere progressives.

But given mere liberals are not that hot for class issues, maybe this is what it takes.

Backstrom awaits the axe

Through its cutesy, airhead feminism and its constant mockery of its eponymous hero, even in the midst of what were presented as serious murder investigations, often with lives hanging in the balance, the show fell between two stools.

See, for instance, episode five, Bogeyman.

On the one side, it wasn't a cop sitcom.

On the other, it wasn't a crime drama with a dark main character somewhere between the Sherlock Holmes of the first Elementary season and Rust Cohle in True Detective, season one.

The wife tells me it most likely won't be renewed.

(I noticed two actors from the show in commercials, Dennis Haysbert for Allstate and Rizwan Manji for Geico. Did you see more?)