Saturday, February 23, 2019

Always enough for him.

Trump On Robert Kraft's Prostitution Charges: 'He’s Proclaimed His Innocence Totally'

Not just Kavanaugh.

Not just Putin.


Because it's his own move.

R. Kelly screaming they're all lying, all looking for the payday.

And who is surprised that the man who broke the law to protect billionaire Epstein is Secretary of Labor for the sex criminal in the White House?

Bozo wants yes men. For Putin. For Kim. For MBS.

Not people who say yes to him.

People who say yes to us, who echo his bullshit every time.

Bobbleheads like Pompeo and Lindsey Graham, only more so.

Much more so.

Bobbleheads instead of people actually heading up our national security apparatus firmly focused on defending our national security.

Bobbleheads who will nod when he says "I don't see why the Russians would do that. President Putin says they didn't and I believe him" rather than, utterly aghast, contradicting him not only privately but in public, as often as they feel the need and whenever they are asked what is going on.

This is worse than it looks.

This is an attempt to cut off the balls of our national security establishment to the profound advantage of Russia and other bad actors and enemies of America.

Fyodor is getting increasingly dangerous to all of us.

White House braces for shakeup after Trump privately complains about Coats

Sen. King warns against dismissing intelligence director for disputing Trump

Pig pile on Beto

He has been attacked by one black woman writer at the Guardian for being the candidate of white privilege.

He has just been ordered by a black panelist on MSNBC to get out of the race and stay out.

Both women are cheerleaders for Kamala Harris, whom one of them labeled the front runner, demanding media celebrate her as such, and saying it is only because of racism and sexism that they are not doing that.

Are they trying to be repulsive, these women?

They want to sell papers

OK, it's obsolete taken literally, but still a valid metaphor.

The media from dead tree to cable news and all points surrounding need to be clickbait (to use a different metaphor).

This is probably why they tend to focus a lot more on identity stuff than tax proposals, education proposals, proposals to support Medicare for All and how to pay for it, the push to raise the minimum wage and proposals to support unions, and all that, you know, progressive stuff.

So Joe Shmo thinks the difference between the two parties is that the Democrats are a national association for the advancement of anybody who isn't white while the Republicans are the opposite.

Instead of that the difference between the two parties is that the Republicans are stooges for selfish plutocratic sociopaths for whom the immiseration of the working class and the trashing of the planet are conscious goals, while the Democrats are trying their best to tame capitalism for the rest of us and prevent it from running the planet into the ground.

Reparations for Indians?

Oh, well, now they'll stop bashing her, for sure.

Warren: Native Americans should be 'part of the conversation' on reparations

This could make some sense provided it does not rely on the racist lie of indigenism, which has pretty much become dogma among most, if not all, of the informed and educated left.

So many Children of Zinn, whether they know it or not.

Not everybody plays the identity card to dismiss Bernie

How Bernie Sanders Already Won

She gives him all the credit he so deserves.

And does it from the position of a progressive, someone who says we need a version of capitalism that works for all of us, not the version that just works for the capitalists.

Amy Klobuchar, a boss from hell

OK, I do hold that against her.

Over the years several of my bosses have been from hell, and usually they get away with it forever.

Just like bosses who are sexual harassers.

Such people are bullies and sadists, and those are not desirable traits in a president or indeed anyone else.

Except maybe a professional torturer.

She can try all she wants to tough it out and turn this into some kind of plus.

Sort of what Trump does with all his ugly character traits.

I'm not biting.

And I am really not buying the poor picked on powerful woman bullshit.

People do hold such behavior against powerful men, too.

It is just a lie that they don't.

Mitt Romney the high school bully, remember?

Amy Klobuchar Staffers Describe a Hostile, Dehumanizing Boss

Friday, February 22, 2019

Trevor Noah doesn't go there

Pretty much everybody on MSNBC talked about the Jussie Smollett revelations in the "Yes, but . . . " style.

You know, to "He faked a hate crime to get a raise" they replied "Yes, but gays and blacks really are victims of lots of hate crimes", for example.

Not Trevor Noah.

Anyway, not in the clips I have seen.

He condemned and deplored and mocked, and that was all.

OT, what sense does it make Smollett wanted the fake attack to be videoed?

The two guys he paid to attack him were dark skinned black men, but he described it as a racist and homophobic attack by whites.

And he paid them by check!

Why it matters who is on the court

Conservative US Supreme Court to US sick and dying: Drop dead!

The New York Crank.

And they really don't get it that their absurd and cruel intransigence is why more and more people say they would rather have socialism, thanks.

The quantity of slime is just overwhelming

White House ‘looking into’ Acosta’s role in sex abuse plea deal

The White House says it’s “looking into” Labor Secretary Alex Acosta’s handling of a secret plea deal with a wealthy financier accused of sexually abusing dozens of underage girls

A federal judge ruled Thursday that prosecutors in Florida violated the rights of victims by reaching the non-prosecution agreement with Jeffrey Epstein. Acosta was the Miami U.S. attorney who oversaw the arrangement.

President Donald Trump’s spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, on Friday called it a “complicated case.”

“My understanding is that’s a very complicated case,” she said, adding that it was “something we’re certainly looking into, but that they made the best possible decision and deal they could have gotten at that time.”

Asked if Trump still had confidence in Acosta, Sanders said: “Again, we’re looking into the matter. I’m not aware of any changes.”

Acosta has called the deal appropriate.