Sunday, October 22, 2017

True to his muse

The abysmal vulgarity of his American fascism is entirely to be expected from the author of Main Street and Elmer Gantry, both of which were made into movies when Hollywood made literature into movies and not comic books.

His Corpo State rather suicidally closes all the real colleges and universities, replacing them with worse than merely philistine, fake schools with curricula absent Greek and Sanscrit but heavy on close order drill.

Come to think of it, the ascendancy of Bozo brings Hofstadter to mind, after all these years.

And Ortega, and Marcel.


The far more macho writer, Hemingway, was all the same so much greater an artist of prose.

Come to that, Lewis was no artist at all, no more than Dreiser.

As a writer, his merits do not require, and are quite other than, that.

While even at his worst, Hemingway has that, always.

He is an artist of prose.

Novelists are not poets, so that side of things can be neglected in their estimation.

But that is a mistake.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pop cult sucks. Whose fault is that, again?

Conservatives complain about the sewer of contemporary black thug music.

And they are not happy with Neflix homoporn or Hollywood making comic book shows featuring sexy, straight women who are heroes only because they behave like seriously butch dyke fantasies.

But what about the shows featuring troops and cops who make Trump's counsels of police brutality and war crimes seem quite mild?

These are not the troops or cops who should be presented to Americans - or to anyone - as heroes.

And talk about realism, artistic liberty, or popular taste is just a copout.

Chicago PD?

Hawaii Five-O?

These types have got to be great favorites with the Trump fans who now dominate the Republican base.

They have all the vulgar brutality of The Duce and his - mercifully - 3rd rate, watery fascism.

The assholes are in plain view, in The White House

White House: It’s ‘Highly Inappropriate’ For Journalists To Criticize A General

The topic was Kelly's attack on Rep. Frederica Wilson, an attack made in course of defending Bozo against charges by her that he had made insensitive remarks to a gold star mother about the death of her son during a condolence call, including words to the effect that "he knew what he signed up for."

Perfectly true, but perhaps not really the moment to point that out.

But the general chose to make that defense by attempting to explain and justify the use of exactly such words during the call, thus admitting that the congresswoman's report was true, though The White House and Bozo personally had spent over a day lying that he never said any such thing.

His defense also contained an exhibition of wholly implausible and unjustified faux outrage at the behavior of the congresswoman, and included damning falsehoods about her past conduct.

When reporters raised questions about all that, this happened.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Friday that it would be “highly inappropriate” for them to question chief of staff John Kelly because he served in the military as a general.

“If you want to go after Gen. Kelly, that is up to you,” she said. 

“If you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, I think that is something highly inappropriate.”

Well, who for one second actually believed him, anyway?

The man is a ridiculous, pathological liar, a global joke, a buffoon, an utter clown.

Exclusive: Pentagon Document Contradicts Trump’s Gold Star Claims

In the hours after President Donald Trump said on an Oct. 17 radio broadcast that he had contacted nearly every family that had lost a military servicemember this year, the White House was hustling to learn from the Pentagon the identities and contact information for those families, according to an internal Defense Department email.

The email exchange, which has not been previously reported, shows that senior White House aides were aware on the day the president made the statement that it was not accurate — but that they should try to make it accurate as soon as possible, given the gathering controversy.

Not only had the president not contacted virtually all the families of military personnel killed this year, the White House did not even have an up-to-date list of those who had been killed.

Hey, it's an ill wind . . . .

Forecasters Say the East Coast Is Going to Have Another Warm Winter

A big chunk of the United States is likely in for another weirdly warm winter. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) just released its winter-weather outlook, and right now they’re calling for warmer-than-normal temperatures along the East Coast and the southern two-thirds of the country. 

The northwest corner of the U.S. could see some colder-than-average temperatures, but on the whole, the U.S. might be breaking a few heat records again.

Then comes the snark.

This is maybe good news if you prefer windbreakers in January — maybe a little less so if you’re concerned about the fate of the planet.

Oh, go fry your ass.

Lower gas bills, less risk to my heart health from shoveling snow, safer driving and walking conditions, fewer nights worrying about frozen pipes maybe bursting, and less money wasted paying others to dig out the driveway - what's not to like?

And, hey, the planet will outlive us all.

Interesting that, after the mild winter of 2016-2017, we have just had a mild summer rather than one hotter than normal.


Is that really an admission?

And how would the alleged admitter even know?

Fox Host Admits Trump Lied About Not Telling Gold Star Widow 'He Signed Up For This'

My wife the other day said something about Kelly admitting Trump did say it by explaining why he said it and attempting to justify saying it.

But I didn't see or hear anything like that.

Until just now.

The admission came during the same comments in which Kelly attacked the congresswoman repeatedly with no real justification, playing the hatchet man for Trump, telling vicious lies about her, and revealing himself to be in fact rather a Trumpist, personally.

Not quite the "responsible adult" of Democratic narration.

John Kelly, Trump’s chief of staff whose son died in combat, defends president’s call to Gold Star widow

But Kelly also appeared to effectively confirm Wilson’s account by echoing some of the language she had described — an account that Trump had called “totally fabricated.”

Kelly said Trump’s message to Johnson was: “He knew what he was getting himself into, because he enlisted. There’s no reason to enlist. He enlisted. And he was where he wanted to be, exactly where he wanted to be, with exactly the people he wanted to be with when his life was taken.”

Friday, October 20, 2017

Oops. Time for an attitude adjustment.

Just more evidence people are really weird.

TX Congresswoman: It’s The ‘Responsibility Of The Female’ To Prevent Sexual Abuse

You could spin this as a woman insisting women need to stand up and show their strength and power.


A manufactured flap

Florida Democrat calls Niger ambush 'Trump's Benghazi'

Democrats are calling the ambush the result of "a massive intelligence failure."

The investigations and todo are efforts by its everyday critics and even enemies to hammer Trump and his administration.

John Kelly lied about Democratic U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson to deflect blame from The Duce

It's about the accusation that, on the phone, he told a gold star mom that her dead son "knew what he was getting into," or words to that effect.

President Donald Trump told the widow of a soldier killed in an ambush in Niger that her husband "knew what he signed up for," according to a Florida congresswoman who says she heard part of the conversation on speakerphone.

Rep. Frederica Wilson said she was in the car with Myeshia Johnson on Tuesday on the way to Miami International Airport to meet the body of Johnson's husband, Sgt. La David Johnson, when Trump called.

When asked by Miami station WPLG if she indeed heard Trump say that she answered: "Yeah, he said that. 

To me, that is something that you can say in a conversation, but you shouldn't say that to a grieving widow." 

She added: "That's so insensitive."

A dishonorable man posing as America’s most honorable man

Steve M.

Kelly also overheard the phone call, and came in front of the cameras to "defend" Trump by joining in the Fox/Breitbart attacks on the congresswoman and her credibility, some of them racially charged.

Kelly slandered the congresswoman mightily to undermine her as a source.

Oh, and what's with the kiddie cowboy hats?

In every photo I've seen of her, she's wearing one.

Lemmings cruising toward a crash?

Velshi and Ruhle, in politically spun news, have once in a while over several weeks been questioning the health of the stock market, reporting that some economists and knowledgeable players see the current phase of our nine year old bull market as a bubble, a rerun of the scene just before the great crash of 2008.

(But where are the bad mortgages?)

Today they pointed out that we are in the region economists think of as full employment, meaning that apart from people changing jobs or voluntarily not working pretty much everybody who wants a job and can be relied upon to do it is working.

And when you are at full employment and a boom continues employers compete for workers by raising wages and benefits.

But that isn't happening to the extent expected or wanted.

Wages and benefits are rising, but more slowly and less than they would have in the past, and that has been the story pretty much throughout this bull market.

Their explanation in part is that automation has been enabling productivity rises without much rise in the market for labor, and little or none for the least skilled.

That part makes sense.

Too, they concede the Sanders/Trump claim that globalization means that importation of cheap goods from overseas has prevented demand from driving up US domestic production of those same or similar goods and thus pushing up US wages.

While that is true, as well, it doesn't mean protectionist policies would not drive up prices more than wages, or that it would not drive up prices paid by Peter while driving up wages paid only to Paul

The last part is that interest rates are too low and are causing a mere bubble in stock values.

That part is doubtful, since too low interest rates would cause notable inflation, and we aren't having that.