Sunday, December 11, 2016

Truth be told

I have often thought that if you were so desperate to get here you would cross a desert on foot to do it, or swim shark infested waters, then despite the law you should be allowed to stay.

Only one of oh so many reasons I could not be an honest law enforcement official.

There are way too many laws I would not want to enforce, and way too many times I would want to play vigilante.

Why do conservatives insist we must all be proud of the entire history of the United States?

Why not use Thanksgiving and Memorial Day and even Columbus Day to celebrate who we are, the America and Americans we are, rather than a past that is, for most of us, not ours in any event and, for none of us, the kind of America we want to be?

Saturday, December 10, 2016

"Our ancestors, the Gauls . . . "

As well expect a mestizo child from Mexico, or a Muslim child from Iraq, to look upon the pilgrims of Plymouth or Boston as their ancestors, as an Algerian child from some banlieu to say that without a balk.

Or Sarko's kids.

Or Walls's.

"The Transcendental Ego Can never die."

A professor said that in a graduate seminar on Husserl, in an offhand criticism of Heidegger, at Duquesne University, some time around 1976, or so.

Though I suppose it might as well have been a Kant seminar.

But it wasn't.

A few years later, I had a graduate seminar on Kant at Pitt with Wilfie Sellars.

Of course, his was rather a different view.

I never had the least idea he was an alcoholic.

Apparently, he died of the effects, somehow.

Everybody dies of something.

I knew his disciple, Hoagland, drank a hell of a lot.

But not him.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Why we live here

In Plaza, ND, where my brother lives, it's -17°F right now.

In Orlando, it's 59°F.

But summers are intolerably hot and humid.

In Mt Lebanon, PA, it's 21°F.

38 degrees warmer than Plaza and 38 degrees cooler than Orlando.

Orlando, right now, is 76 degrees warmer than Plaza.


Update, 12/9/16.

This morning it was -30°F in Plaza.

How did Indians in tents survive this?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Maybe a wild card

Steelers travel to Buffalo

This Sunday's game.

The Steelers (7-5) have steered their season in the right direction, winning three straight after a four-game losing streak to move into a tie with Baltimore atop the AFC North standings and within one game of Denver for the final Wild Card spot.

"We are in a good situation right now, but we obviously have to win this game and better," Bell said.

Pittsburgh controls its fate over the final four weeks of this season, but could cede that control with a single loss.

. . . .

After averaging 34 points in their first four wins, the Steelers have not scored more than 28 points in each of their last three wins. 

A more balanced, ball-control offense has featured Bell more and more as winter approaches.

Bell, a Central Ohio native, knows what it takes to thrive along the Rust Belt this time of year.

"I played high school football in this weather," he said. "I was born into this."

Panic in Nannytown

Surgeon General sounds the alarm on teens and e-cigarettes

Yet nicotine can damage the developing teen brain while leading to addiction.

"Compared with older adults, the brain of youth and young adults is more vulnerable to the negative consequences of nicotine exposure," noted Murthy.

Addiction, sure.

Brain damage?

Is this just culturally biased junk science, sort of like doctors when my grandfather was young firmly insisting masturbation causes not only insanity but warts?

You be the judge.

The system is rigged.

It's called the Electoral College, and it's rigged in favor of the Republicans.

Hillary Clinton could get as many votes as Barack Obama did in 2012

She is currently 2.7 million votes ahead.

Buchananism has no bench

Donald Trump Is Staffing His Administration with TPP Supporters

There is pretty much nobody but standard conservatives for him to choose among.

And all of them firmly espouse positions he vociferously departed from throughout his campaign, when he ran against both the Republican establishment and establishment Republicanism.

Not only the Republican congress but his own cabinet will oppose him on every point at which his agenda differs from standard conservatism, in the direction of Buchananism.

Steve Bannon might be the only person wholly on his side.

If even he is.

Of course, he has no problem finding people who stand for views he shares with standard Republicans.

Trump’s Likely Labor Pick, Andrew Puzder, Is Critic of Minimum Wage Increases

That's the Trump who agreed with conservatives that US workers are overpaid.

Trump names Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma attorney general suing EPA on climate change, to head the EPA

That's the Trump who says global warming is a Chinese hoax.

Have I mentioned that anybody who isn't at least a millionaire but votes Republican has shit for brains?

And that the entirety of Trump's mass support is composed of people with shit for brains?

Change and continuity

It's 2016 and still, in the middle of the night, I hear propeller driven aircraft.

As I did as a child.

I was born in January, 1949.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Was bedeutet "white supremacist"?

5See this for some good points.

And yet this is the litmus test that Trump must pass, according to some.

He has to build the wall and deport the illegals, and only an idiot doesn't think that's about keeping America a white man's country.

Is political action aimed at preserving majority status, and with it commensurate political clout, in America for American eurowhites "white supremacist"?

The answer to that question is exactly the bone of contention, here.

Although, in truth, the whites who support Trump and this particular key part of the Trumpist agenda very likely find the entire dispute a revolting concession to an ethic of political correctness that is blatantly stacked against them and with which they are sooooo totally through.

Given how much minorities whine about the horrors of minority status, it would be best for my grandchildren, other things equal, if whites retained majority status throughout their lives.

But other things will not be equal, and issues of class are more immediate and more important than race.

Such as, will the GOP get away with such changes to Social Security that the wife and I die of starvation or exposure, freezing in the darkness under a bridge?

Or perhaps will she die before then of medical problems resulting from diabetes, uncontrolled because of what the GOP has done and will yet do to Medicare, especially prescription drug coverage?