Friday, August 28, 2015

Pat Buchanan calls it a hate crime

America's Racial Wounds Reopen

The left is totally mum and the media are not making a big deal of it, as they do of hate crimes against blacks.

Some on the left have even denied it was a hate crime, insisting it was just one of those disgruntled employee things.


Pat writes,

Black America is surely as sickened by this horror outside Roanoke as was White America by the Charleston massacre.

He here is just papering over the depth and ubiquity of racial animus among black Americans, I think.

His summary of the Ferguson situation and the rest of his article more or less cancel out that remark.

On the first anniversary of Michael Brown's death, protesters blocked public buildings in St. Louis and St. Louis County, shut down I-70 at rush hour. I

n Ferguson, hoodlums rioted and looted for days.

What justification was there for such lawlessness?

Explained some in the press, it was to protest the failure to prosecute a white cop who had killed an "unarmed black teenager."

Left out of most stories was that Brown, 18, had knocked over a convenience store, throttled a clerk half his size, and was unarmed only because he failed to wrest a gun away from Officer Darren Wilson, whom a grand jury declared had acted in self-defense when he shot the charging 290-pound Brown.

Despite the facts of the case, for bigoted blacks and the whites who encourage them, the Ferguson killing was a white racist murder of a more or less innocent young black male.

Hence not only the riots and looting, not only the rise of #BLM, but the torrents of racial anger in the press directed at whites and white officialdom by all the usual suspects.

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