Sunday, January 22, 2017

About "America First"

Is the use of that expression intended as an endorsement of the movement that attempted to resist FDR's efforts to get us into the war in Europe?

I do not say an endorsement of Hitler or of anti-Semitism, but of the effort to keep us out of that war.

That would be consistent with the views of some of today's paleocon isolationists, and perhaps of Pat Buchanan, the eponymous founder of Buchananism.

Could it be anything else, except for an airhead ignorant of the relevant history?

And, OK, Trump is an ignorant airhead in many ways.

But is he ignorant of this history?

I think not.

And the people around him are not.

I take this as a deliberate signal to Europeans and fans of NATO expansion of an intention to back off from our global, and particularly European, defense commitments.

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