Friday, January 27, 2017

What's your point?

As Dan would say.

In one short week in the White House, Donald Trump has managed to shatter the tradition of the honeymoon period enjoyed by new presidents.

While predecessors eased themselves into the role and were showered with national adulation, he has prompted widespread criticism with a stream of provocations.

Trump has proclaimed war on the media, was accused of serial lying, declared open season on environmentalists and undocumented immigrants, outraged the Mexican president, begun stripping millions of Americans of healthcare coverage, and revived the prospect of torturing terror suspects.

The pugilism of his pronouncements has left even Trump-hardened observers aghast, prompting speculation that such an adrenalin-charged opening to his term couldn’t possibly be sustained.

Tell that to the people of Macomb County in Michigan.

“Thank the Lord for Donald Trump!” exclaimed the waitress in Angelo’s diner when asked how she thought he was doing.

“He’s awesome, he’s great,” said the car worker.

“I absolutely love him,” the window cleaner said.

“I’m 100% for Trump,” the pawn shop owner said.

Well, all that is just what Bozo's army of deplorables wanted.

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