Monday, January 23, 2017

This clinches it. Trump is Fyodor Karamazov.

Fine, you were never big on Russian Lit and Dostoevsky's books are too damn long.

So see the movie.

Lee J. Cobb is brilliant in the role.

Fyodor Karamazov is absolutely our president, and this stuff is not going to stop. 

This is who his voters chose for the White House.

I learn from Lawrence O'Donnell that Trump explained Hillary's nearly three million vote lead in the popular vote, perhaps in his CIA speech the other day, by claiming three to five million illegal aliens voted for her.
Brian Williams said later Trump made that claim in a meeting today with Congressional leaders of both parties.   
You have to wonder if anybody laughed, or told him he was full of, er, beans.    
Or maybe they just all froze, rigid for a moment, taken aback and speechless at such a ludicrous stink-bomb.    
A perfect Fyodor moment.    
And O says all the Trump voters he personally knows explain her lead in the same way.

Oh, my.

Tribe, who really should give it up and retire, was on arguing a flaky case that Trump's hotels and other interests in foreign parts are a violation of the emoluments clause.


And Trump said twice to the CIA we "should have kept the oil," when we were in Iraq, and that we might get another chance.

O'Donnell showed clips of him publicly saying the same long before he even ran for president.

O pointed out that is a war crime and a violation of the Geneva Convention, and that Bush the Elder made war against Saddam Hussein because the Iraqi dictator had invaded Kuwait in order to "take the oil."

Are we all waiting for The Duce to publicly say, again, we ought to be torturing terrorists and "going after their families"?

Or will he publicly deny that he ever said it, and say it is a vicious liberal media lie to say he said it?

Or make Sean Spicer do it, thus adding to his amusement?

And remember all that talk with Billy Bush about grabbing pussies?

Perfect Fyodor.

Especially if he knew it was being recorded.

For the next four years, unless he is out before then, everyone will studiously pretend that the emperor is not only clothed but beautifully so.

They will do their utmost to do business as they would with a real president, pretending constantly that that is not Fyodor Karamazov in the White House.

What does it mean that Dostoevsky named this character after himself? 



    1. I think the Claremont article answers your concluding question: 'What does it mean that Dostoevsky named this character after himself?"