Friday, May 5, 2017

Feodor Karamazov renews an old lesson in governing

Say one thing, do another.

The rubes will always be fooled.

Hooray for democracy.

I haven't been this depressed about the American Booboisie since they enthusiastically elected Reagan for a second time.

Or was it since he opened his first administration by smashing the Air Traffic Controllers union?

Tens of millions will lose coverage under private insurers or under Medicaid, and millions of them will be people with serious pre-existing conditions.

How he puts America First, eh?

Take that, Pat Buchanan.

Or is this overseas commitment OK with the granddad of Buchananism because Australians are (still, mostly) white?

The Republicans are absolutely thrilled with this moron, this fraud, this completely unscrupulous liar who babbles nonsense and flip-flops and U-turns 50 to the dozen, day after day, while his voters continue to support him and anything he says or they do in his name.

And while the media focus on everything Bozo says they neglect or even ignore what the Congressional Republicans actually do, acting out their Thatcherism on steroids, filled with joyous contempt for the vicious pervert, the serial liar, the vacuous clown in the White House who is their fully functional distraction in chief.

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