Friday, May 26, 2017

Hillary at Wellesley

Right now on MSNBC.

It seems to me now that the contrast between the Democrats and the Republicans is as stark and as harsh as the contrast between Lincoln in 1860, the anti-secessionist and abolitionist Republican, and the opposing candidates who defended secession, slavery, or both.

Imagine the contrast between a speech by Lincoln against slavery and secession and a speech by Jefferson Davis defending both.

Imagine it's the spring of 1861 and there is now fighting at Fort Sumter.

You know you have to choose between secession and slavery and Union and, maybe, hopefully, emancipation.

Do you really have the least, tiniest difficulty lining up with the right side?

Not just the speechmaker but the people she was speaking to, her values and theirs, her views and theirs, her anger and theirs.

Hillary supporters or Trump supporters, Lincoln supporters or Jeff Davis supporters, which are your people?

Can you really say "Neither"?

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