Tuesday, May 16, 2017

McMaster exonerates Trump

Trump said nothing inappropriate and nothing that put our national security at risk in any way, he said.

But he also said it was or would be wholly appropriate for the president to share any information at all that he chooses to share, with anyone he chooses to share it with, because he's the president.

No kidding.

Asked whether the release of that information had been considered beforehand by relevant officials or just done by the president on the spur of the moment he said the president decided on the spot.

The latter, though, he said, would always be wholly appropriate.

Less absurdly, but perhaps not more credibly, he did insist the president in no way compromised any sources or methods.

And that does seem a relevant denial of the sorts of risks others have said the president's revelations created.

Later in the day it was revealed the president would today make a previously unscheduled call to the King of Jordan, a key ally in the Middle East and a valuable source of intelligence.

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