Monday, May 15, 2017

What really is the greater threat?

Comparing Jihaders with non-Islamics, the former are by far more highly publicized and so much better recognized as a threat by the general public.

But are they really more dangerous?

For a good while, many on the American left have said not, claiming American right wingers actually pose a greater danger to the American people, to our national security, and to the American Republic, itself.

Here is a piece in The Guardian arguing in that vein.

They hate the US government, and they're multiplying: the terrifying rise of 'sovereign citizens'

It seems that of the top four threats of extremist violence cited by DHS, both the leading threat and two others are domestic, non-Islamic, right wing groups.

The threat posed by Islamic terrorism comes in second.

The story does not say what criteria were used to rank threats.

Although the Trump administration is reportedly planning to restructure the Department of Homeland Security’s countering violent extremism (CVE) program to focus exclusively on radical Islam, a 2014 national survey of 175 law enforcement agencies ranked sovereign citizens, not Islamic terrorists, as the most pressing terrorist threat. 

The survey ranked Islamic terrorists a close second, with the following top three threats all domestic in origin and sometimes overlapping: the militia movement, racist skinheads, the neo-Nazi movement.

It might be a clue that Jihaders are noted for targeting unarmed, ordinary civilians going about their ordinary affairs, while right wingers, besides targeting abortion providers, ordinary black folks, and other civilians, are noted for targeting law enforcement officials.

And a noted result is that law enforcement officials are far more likely to be killed by right wingers than by Jihaders.

None of which is to say that right wingers pose a greater threat to civilians, or even to people in general, than Jihaders, though perhaps they do.

An interesting note on the ideological kinship of many in the broader movement of the right wing extremists with the most horrific elements of the white nationalist alt.right is seen here.

There was significant overlap between the patriot movement and white nationalism. 

One of the movement’s foundational texts was The Turner Diaries, a 1978 novel by white supremacist William Luther Pierce that describes a near future in which a small group of patriots fighting the extinction of the white race work to bring about a race war and the eventual genocide of non-white peoples.

[Timothy - PV] McVeigh, who considered the book a blueprint for the coming revolution, was carrying an excerpt when he was arrested, although he later said he did not agree with the book’s racial content.

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