Sunday, May 28, 2017

McMaster shrugs it off

McMaster initially declined to speak on the Kushner reports but when asked if he would be concerned if someone in the administration tried to set up a backchannel with the Kremlin, he said “no,” Reuters reported.

"We have back-channel communications with any number of individual (countries). So generally speaking, about back-channel communications, what that allows you to do is communicate in a discreet manner," McMaster said, adding that “we're not concerned about it."

Remember James Carville's infamous defense of Clinton that "everybody lies about sex"?

A different view.

The dictionary says "backchannel" just means a secondary or covert communications route.

But the problem is with whom communications were to occur (Russians) and from whom they were to be secret (American intelligence services), even apart from preexisting suspicions.

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