Sunday, May 7, 2017

The GOP's shameless anti-health care bill

The Anti-Health-Care Bill's Staggering Indecency

Absolute glee among the "Let them die!" crowd.

This bill would cut $880 billion over a decade from Medicaid, which provides health care to about 74 million Americans -- the poor, the disabled, the elderly -- and another $300 billion that now goes to helping those who cannot afford it buy health insurance. 

See why it's the Anti-Health-Care Bill?

Then the Republicans turn right around and plow roughly $595 billion of this money into tax cuts, mostly for the very wealthy. 

And that's the real point. 

The initiators of this bill don't care a whit about what they do to the health care system or how their bill will endanger the lives of many Americans, including those of a lot of their own supporters.

"Conservatism is something more than mere solicitude for tidy incomes," Russell Kirk, one of the founding philosophers of modern conservatism, wrote in 1954. 

We can now say, 63 years later, that Ryan-style conservatism is (BEG ITAL)only(END ITAL) about solicitude for tidy incomes.

"This is who we are," Ryan told his colleagues this week. 

"This will define us."

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