Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Islamophobes not happy with Trump's speech

Partisan bullshit aside, Trump's speech in Saudi was in line with the Obama policy, refusing to identify Islam as the enemy or the culprit, seeking to ally the many millions of the world's Muslims in the struggle against the Jihaders, openly acknowledged to be theirs more than anyone else's.

He announced initiatives further pursuing this strategy and vision of the struggle against Jihad.

He differs from the approach of Democrats only in Bozo's seeming promise to drop human rights criticisms and efforts to support the struggle for liberalization and democracy in the Muslim world.

In Egypt, that suggests less critical support for the authoritarian anti-Islamism of the army regime.

In Saudi, it's tolerance of the entrenched dominance of a version of Islam that has done as much as if not more than any other to supply ideological justification for terrorism and Jihad, Wahhabism, and the regime's global support for that variant and its spread.

Not all the Islamophobes are taking this apparent betrayal of their cause quietly.

By the end of this trip, will Trump have completely betrayed, in substance if not fully in his rhetoric, his campaign period Buchananite vision of an "America First" foreign policy?

Geert Wilders on Trump speech: 'Islam is the problem'

Perhaps Wilders has now made his position clearer than ever.

Are fascism and communism thought crimes in Holland? 

As the Dutch politician spoke to WND before addressing the American Freedom Alliance’s annual Heroes of Conscience dinner here Sunday night, it wasn’t hard to imagine why he has been under constant protection, courtesy of his government, since November 2004, when two North African Muslims were accused of planning to murder him.

Islam is the problem,” said Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom, now the country’s second largest in Parliament.

“We can only deal with [the threat] if we first face the truth, [which] might not be too politically correct, but still is the truth, and that is that Islam — and not Islamism or radical Islam, but Islam — is an evil ideology like communism or fascism that has no place in a free society,” he told WND.

“And at the end of the day it will replace us, and we will lose our freedom,” he said.

Robert Spencer calls Trump's speech "utopian."

Trump says if Judaism, Christianity, and Islam can get along, peace in this world is possible.

That may be true, but it’s an essentially utopian vision, because one of those three faiths contains an imperative to conquer and subjugate the other two (cf. Qur’an 9:29, 8:39, etc.).

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