Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Jared Taylor doesn't think Trump is actually "one of us"

'Alt-right' groups will 'revolt' if Trump shuns white supremacy, leaders say

Taylor and other alt.right leaders were dismayed at Richard Spencer's "Hail Trump" and his Roman salute.

But it would be odd, I suppose, if ideologues of American, essentially pan-European white nationalism were sympathetic toward a politically fascist movement dedicated to a specifically German domination over all other eurowhites that crucially incorporated both a genocidal tyranny over the Slavs much more savage than the white domination of the blacks of Apartheid South Africa and an exterminationist policy toward eurowhite Jews.

And many of them don't seem to think The Duce is really their kind of racialist, anyway.

A sample.

Taylor said some on the far-right fell, as did liberals, for what he termed media distortions. 

“Donald Trump was never a racial dissident of the sort that I am. He was never one of us. He’s an American nationalist. The left was wrong to think that he was dancing to the tune of people like myself.”

Taylor said the far right would need patience. 

“Racial nationalism has not triumphed in America. It will some day. But to think it has done so (already) is delusive.”

For these guys, white racial nationalism does not appear to involve fascism at all, and is aimed at securing all eurowhite Americans, not just the Germans, a racially exclusive homeland.

So merely wishing to prolong the cultural, political, and demographic dominance of eurowhites in the actually existing US of A is, apparently, not enough, though that seems to be as much "white nationalism" as the The Duce, himself, and the bulk of his supporters are actually interested in.

Well, there is nationalism and there is nationalism.

Trump disavows the alt.right, jailing Hillary, admits global warming and "some connectivity" to human activities

Taylor and others think he has already abandoned the mass deportation of 11 million illegals and others think the same of any sort of immigration or travel restrictions aimed specifically and seriously at Muslims.

And now denial of global warming seems to be slithering down the tubes.

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