Thursday, December 1, 2016

The "you're another" defense

It is common for atheists with insignificant training in philosophy - or maybe they're just not very bright - to take natural science as the gold standard for rationality, truth, credibility, and unquestionable authority.

Kala Dandekar, a fascinating character in Sense8, was if not the first then the most amusing person to make an impertinent argument, not least because of her Hindu spin.

Challenged in her Hinduism by the German Wolfgang Bogdanow, an atheist whose reflexive deference to science is both uncritical and unshakable, she snaps at him that his faith in the absurdities of physics is no more rationally respectable than hers in Ganesha.

It is said there is going to be a Sense8 Christmas special this month, and a new season this coming year.

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