Saturday, December 24, 2016

Watching NARCOS

A dramatization of the career of Pablo Escobar.

If you've read or even heard of Killing Pablo, you may recall who he was and why, as the years and bloodshed went on, the mission changed from arresting and punishing the man in accordance with due process to killing him and his henchmen.

He did as much harm as Osama bin Laden and his cartel was as much a threat to Columbia as the FARC, and far more than M-19.

President Obama did not seek to arrest and try OBL.

All the same, you may say there is war and there are war crimes, and the methods of Colonel Carrillo, as portrayed by the TV series, were well over the line.

But war, after all, is just sending our killers after theirs, anyway.

And atrocity for atrocity, crime for crime, Carrillo was always going to be miles, oceans behind Escobar.

And then Pablo had him killed.

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