Friday, December 30, 2016

The future of Israel

The Kerry speech defends the two state solution and the commitment to it and to Israel of the Obama administration.

Teresa May criticized the speech in an effort to please Trump.

The NYT speculates on the death of the two state solution.

In some circles, these discussions have reopened more significant fissures between people who accept the existence of Israel and its right to defend itself and those who don't.

And indeed the difference between left wing one-staters who reject the ideal of a specifically Jewish state as inherently racist and right wing one-staters who uphold that ideal and perhaps would uphold it to the point of supporting ethnic cleansing or some sort of second class citizenship for Arabs in the enlarged Israel.

It is not entirely clear that American right wing one-staters are themselves clear what they support, what they want, and what they would support, demographic push come to shove.

The Trump years will be interesting, in that regard.

As a side note, it appears Trump is closer to European populists like Geert Wilders on Israel than he is to one of his foremost supporters, Pat Buchanan.

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