Monday, December 5, 2016

The Liberal Imagination

BooMan speculates wistfully on a sort of quiet coup.

Waiting for rescue by the "Deep State"

About Trump actually trying to make a foreign policy in the Middle East that the establishment does not like, he writes this.

It’s hard to see this all happening without substantial pushback from the foreign policy establishment in this country, for both bad and (mostly) good reasons. 

It will also involve pushback from the right. While a Republican president (no matter how unorthodox) can expect the right to bend to his will, there are limits.

If there really is a Deep State as many people like to imagine, the Deep State may move against Trump as a way of protecting American interests. 

Of course, these are interests as they see them, but in this case there is a pretty broad consensus that Trump’s position is reckless, bordering on treasonous.

I despise Trump, but I am not ready to sabotage our republican form of government just yet merely to prevent Trump causing the ship of state to deviate from the course judged best by the dickhead establishment BooMan so admires.

Recall that this is the BooMan who not only defends the equal representation of the states in the senate (and hence the radically unequal representation of people in that body) but favors repeal of the 17th Amendment.

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