Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Was bedeutet "white supremacist"?

See this for some good points.

And yet this is the litmus test that Trump must pass, according to some.

He has to build the wall and deport the illegals, and only an idiot doesn't think that's about keeping America a white man's country.

Is political action aimed at preserving majority status, and with it commensurate political clout, in America for American eurowhites "white supremacist"?

The answer to that question is exactly the bone of contention, here.

Although, in truth, the whites who support Trump and this particular key part of the Trumpist agenda very likely find the entire dispute a revolting concession to an ethic of political correctness that is blatantly stacked against them and with which they are sooooo totally through.

Given how much minorities whine about the horrors of minority status, it would be best for my grandchildren, other things equal, if whites retained majority status throughout their lives.

But other things will not be equal, and issues of class are more immediate and more important than race.

Such as, will the GOP get away with such changes to Social Security that the wife and I die of starvation or exposure, freezing in the darkness under a bridge?

Or perhaps will she die before then of medical problems resulting from diabetes, uncontrolled because of what the GOP has done and will yet do to Medicare, especially prescription drug coverage?

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