Sunday, December 25, 2016

Trump and GOP establishment at loggerheads

In case you missed it, Jeet Heer summarizes.

[T]he unified Republican government that House Speaker Paul Ryan has long dreamed of is fraught with contradictions, given President-elect Donald Trump’s numerous policy disagreements with his own party. 

His protectionism, immigration restrictionism, friendliness to Vladimir Putin, promise to protect programs like Medicare and Social Security, and plan for a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill: all face opposition by a sizable contingent of Republicans in Congress.

I have yet to see speculation concerning how far Trump and the Dems - or some of them, anyway - might be open to ad hoc alliances to defend what they have in common - commitments to Social Security and Medicare, for example, the idea of big infrastructure projects, and opposition to free trade.

This will be about three-cornered logrolling.

And surely Putin just figures he can run circles around this clown.

He is an airhead Buchananite.

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