Friday, March 10, 2017

Attacks of doubtful coherence

Damning Trump for both insufficient support for our global system of alliances and putting us and (or?) the world at greater risk of war than would conventional globalist fans of Washington's Cold War II is not at all uncommon.

That seems an attack of doubtful coherence.

But there is something to it, as well as to worries about his vaunted preference for unpredictability.

The most likely cause of a new American war not against Jihaders?

North Korea - and our global system of alliances.

As soon as they think they can hit us with a nuke, the North Koreans will again attempt the conquest of South Korea, where they will immediately engage tens of thousands of American forces fighting side by side with the South Koreans.

Maybe even sooner.

They will not wait for a new American foreign policy concensus that would disentangle America from its current, worldwide alliances.

Putin, a much cooler head than Khrushchev, is less dangerous than the loons in Pyongyang.

He is far less likely to attack a state with which we are formally allied.

Ukraine is not now, and may never be, a state to whose defense we are committed by express treaty.

Much less by the presence of tens of thousands of boots on the ground.

But Dean Acheson's apparent disinterest in South Korea, coupled with Truman's personal commitment, led to the Korean War.

And Trump's apparent lack of zeal for even Latvia, a NATO member, much less Ukraine?

What might Putin do, in the face of that?

And what would Bozo do in response?

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