Sunday, March 12, 2017

More on the Siberian candidate

Rachel on the 8th pointed out the Trump campaign removed from the Republican Party platform an assertion of Republican support for lethal aid to Ukraine in its struggle against Putin supported Russian separatists.

And that the only official of the Trump campaign to be personally on intimate, friendly terms with Putin is the Secretary of State who has just fired dozens of the highest ranking professional foreign service officers without replacement.

He has effectively decapitated the world headquarters of US soft power.

He is not invited to Trump's national security meetings.

Trump has announced a 37 % budget cut for his department, and he has refused to answer reporters' questions how his department can operate with such a budget.

Trump complained John Huntsman, Obama's Republican ambassador to China, sold out America to that country.

Trump has just appointed Huntsman ambassador to Russia.

The State Department weekly press briefings have been canceled.

The State Department annual report on human rights around the world, heretofore a high profile, press conference occasion, usually harshly critical of Putin's Russia, was this week released to the press by memo, almost surreptitiously.

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