Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hate crimes are not per se terrorism

Klan murders of blacks were intended to terrify blacks into abandoning efforts toward political or social equality, and were for a long time successful.

That was terrorism.

Attacks against abortion providers and clinics for the purpose of stopping people getting or providing such services are terrorism.

Hate crimes are generally no such thing, and are purely and simply about hate.

The purpose of altering political or other behavior, definitive of terrorism, is lacking.

For some reason, accepting that Muslims killing Americans or Europeans as part of a campaign to scare Europeans into abandoning the fighting against ISIS, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and others in the Middle East and Central Asia is terrorism - think of the attacks in Spain in 2004 - while whites killing blacks out of sheer hatred, whether or not in hopes of starting a race war, is not is just too much to swallow for many of the race commissars of the left.

That obtuse and racially motivated view is plainly to be seen in this article and in the actions of this prosecutor.

A White Racist Killed A Black Man And Was Actually Charged With Terrorism

James Harris Jackson murdered a random black man in cold blood. 

The Manhattan DA decided to call it what it was: an act of terrorism.

On March 17 a white Army veteran named James Harris Jackson boarded a bus from Baltimore to New York City. 

Several days later, he allegedly stabbed a black man, 66-year-old Timothy Caughman, to death. 

Jackson and Caughman didn't know each other. 

But Jackson, by his own admission, hates black men and Caughman became another unfortunate example of someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On Monday, March 27, Jackson was charged with first and second degree murder as an act of terrorism. 

He was also charged with second degree murder as a hate crime, as well as several weapons violations.

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