Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bozo Roi

On a government packed with Democrats and standard issue, hard right Republicans.


A $54 billion hike for the military doesn't sound like a withdrawal from globalism.

No cuts to entitlements, further delay of the promised revised travel restrictions and refugee ban, defamation of illegals and a trillion $ for infrastructure.

Citing Lincoln, he calls for protectionism.

Citing Eisenhower, he calls for his infrastructure projects.

Lots of "I", completely fictitious account of his campaign and election as uprisings and victories of the American people, who mostly voted against him.

Lots of Buncombe about renewed American spirit, patriotism, optimism, greatness, etc..

And the wall is still in, though the claim that Mexico will pay is gone.

And it is still "radical Islamic terrorism".

A lot of baloney about the mess he has inherited and will save us from.

His call to repeal Obamacare and "replace" it with a wholly voluntary (no individual or employer mandates) system retaining required coverage for preexisting conditions, financed only out of the purchaser's pocket coupled with tax breaks and HSA's, is a call for disaster for millions who even now can afford insurance only because of Obamacare subsidies or get it at work only thanks to the employer mandate.

That and his promised cuts in regulations and taxes were probably the sweetest cash music to the ears of Republicans in the whole speech.

And red meat for his base, the creation of VOICE, an office in Homeland Security whose job is to publicize crimes against citizens by illegals.

No kidding.

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