Monday, March 20, 2017

The intelligence committee hearings

FBI Director Comey and the NSA Director, Admiral Rogers, were able to confirm several points.
Russian efforts to influence the election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign are under investigation.

Russia had a clear preference for a Trump victory and Putin personally hates Hillary Clinton.

The Russian motivation for their interference before late summer of 2016 was both their negative desire that Hillary not win and a positive desire that Trump win.

Republicans on the committee did their best to undermine those assertions - that the Russians wanted Trump to win and Hillary to lose and that was the point of their interference - of intelligence folks, but the latter did not budge.

In late summer, Comey said, the Russians thought Trump had no chance and shifted their focus to undermining an expected future Clinton Administration, both at home and in Europe.
Nobody has any shred of evidence of any wiretaps or surveillance of Trump or Trump Tower by any American intelligence agency.

Likewise British snooping.

Nothing supports Trump tweets about O ordering or requesting such a thing, by US agencies or others.

Any such request, and any such snooping, would be criminal.

Both Comey and Admiral Rogers explained they have not offered any view of how far the Russians actually did influence the election and will offer no such view.

Rogers did say that Russian hackers did not hack electronic voting machines to alter recorded votes or vote counts in any state.

If you think all this makes Comey a hero, ask why he made revelations about Hillary well timed to harm her.

He was a tomb about Trump, though investigation concerning possible collusion between his campaign and Moscow began last July.

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