Thursday, March 23, 2017

The real negotiators are in the Freedom Caucus

Trump on campaign promised universal excellent coverage with lower consumer costs than Obamacare.

Ryan's original plan would have cost most people more and provided less than Obamacare, but Trump was all in, anyway.

Millions were expected to lose coverage.

The Freedom Caucus, a caucus of the most hard shelled of the House Republican conservatives, has since then forced the plan far to the right, and still calls it scornfully the biggest welfare program the Republican Party has ever offered.

For even more millions, no coverage.

Remember their motto, "Let them die!"

Wikipedia says the Freedom Caucus has 29 members.

The Tuesday Group, comprising Republican moderates of the House, found the original plan already too far right, too Draconian.

They are aghast at the concessions won by the Freedom Caucus.

They have about 50 members, says Wikipedia.

Trump team ultimatum.

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