Sunday, August 13, 2017

The theme of their march was "Unite the Right"

Charlottesville sorts patriots and cowards

Note how many self-identified Republicans, conservatives, and right wingers defend the people who came to Charlottesville to protest removal of monuments to the Confederacy, its cause, and its heroes, referring to them as "conservatives" and "the right".

And consider again who those folks were and what symbols and flags they carried amidst their Confederate battle flags and regalia.

They were Klan, they were neonazis, they were militia, they were white nationalists and identity types of many sorts.

That's who they were, and the theme of their march was "Unite the Right," and numerous are the rightists who evidently agree with their self-estimation, that these fans of The Turner Diaries and Nathan Bedford Forrest and Adolph Hitler are today's America right, or a legitimate part of the Republican coalition, deserving of all the respect and solidarity owed to other members like the sociocons, the Evangelicals, the Koch plutocrats, the libertarians, and the Wall Street global capitalists.

Many members of the Republican establishment, the Congressional leadership, have come forward to utterly damn these racists.

But a whole lot of others, the sort who routinely condemn the Republican establishment and Congressional GOP for letting them down and being part of the swamp, the sort who seem to be the core of Trump supporters, are openly on the same side as the nazis and the Klan.

Interestingly, Breitbart rejects them, claiming (they must have taken Jonah Goldberg to heart) they are not part of the right but of the left.

Insufficiently true-blue to the market and to capitalism, you know.

And that's a defining trait, you know.


A litmus test.

Flynn: Untie the Right from ‘Unite the Right’ Charlottesville Nutters

The White House, its spokesmen, and Trump himself are still praising the loons with faint damns and covering up for the nazis with implicit false equivalences, emphasizing the line that on both sides some people came to rumble.

David Duke, who was there, has been on TV several times saying the marchers supported Trump and would bring about the fulfillment of his agenda.

The Duce, the White House, etc., have said nothing to indicate Duke's endorsement is unwelcome and his understanding of Trump's agenda is repugnant.

Neither he nor they have yet said a word to condemn the mosque bombing of a week or so ago, which a controversial White House staffer has said might after all have been a leftist provocation.

All of this is the most recent fruit of the Southern strategy in response to which the racists of the South and of the whole of America left the Democratic Party of JFK, LBJ, and their successors to join the Republican Party of Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, and their successors.

White Racial Terrorism

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