Monday, February 27, 2017

What's up with that, Bozo?

Mexico paying for the wall?

The wall actually being approved and built?

The big investigation of three to five million illegals voting for Hillary?

The new and improved executive order on foreign travel and refugees, to replace the one the courts stopped?

Meanwhile, McCain and Graham in the senate and Issa in the House are demanding, fruitlessly, an independent investigation of the campaign's ties with Russia.

All Democrats and some Republicans, those who have opposed Trump from the beginning both as an individual and especially on his anti-immigrant, pro-Putin agenda, are doing their level best to make it impossible for Trump to lead the country into a significant revision of its defense commitments to NATO and other foreign allies.

The huge dust of suspicion and scandal about Russian meddling in the election and the Trump campaign's possible complicity in it, as well as hints of corruption and even treason, all serve to disable Trump in this area.

And, anyway, The Duce can't find anybody for the role of national security advisor who actually shares his foreign policy views.

HR McMaster is a standard issue establishment globalist who sounds like Obama and Clinton on Jihaders and on our global alliances.

He made a point of firmly stating these views in meetings with White House folks.

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