Monday, August 7, 2017

About that eternal return

There are books I am glad I have read but would not read again.

There are movies I am glad I have watched but would not want to see again.

I note these things in answer to the pessimists' challenge that no one would want to relive the same life, in endless repetition, for all eternity.

Does it matter that, ex hypothesi, you would each time have forgotten all the previous times, so that subjectively each time would be the first and only time?

Well, think again about reading that book, or seeing that movie.

Repeatedly, again and again, for all eternity.

I think the idea of eternal return of the same book, or the same movie, as disheartening as eternal reruns of the same life, even conceding that each time will seem like the first and only time.

And yet, still, I am glad I read those books and saw those movies.

And am glad to live this life.

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