Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fair is fair, you know

I have been lambasting Trump with the regularity and enthusiasm he deserves, along with his voters and supporters.

Let us pause to rehearse the reasons to be grateful Hillary is not the president.

Though the likelihood is not great in any case, Trump is much less likely to provoke war with Putin, though the neocon neo-Cold Warriors of the Congress might, along with their allies in the intelligence and national security establishments, push him into something foolish - though nothing more foolish than or even as foolish as she would have done.

Trump may be more likely to impulsively and without foreseeing it provoke war with Korea than Hillary would have been; Trump is less likely to adopt any cooly considered and pushy change in policy that would have that effect.

Oddly, Trump has done and probably will do less to alienate and annoy the Muslim world than Hillary, since he merely wants to keep Muslims out of America (which, given they try to keep non-Muslims out of their countries, does not much disturb them) while she aims to undermine Islam (think press freedom and gay and women's rights) even in its greatest bastions.

In other words, she is much more a global cultural imperialist for modern, liberal culture than Trump is for anything at all.

There is no doubt the kind of Muslim who favors, at least metaphorically, Jihad over McWorld would dread her far more than Bozo, publicly beloved of the Saudis and their closer friends, despite his views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

And on domestic matters?

Hillary would have been better on most things to do with economic progressivism (Obamacare, the minimum wage, tax policy, the regulatory state, Social Security and Medicare, and the like) without the least sympathy for the nitwit radicalism of Sanders and his supporters, and at worst merely annoyingly excessive on sociocon vs. sociolib issues.

Trump is much worse on things to do with economic progressivism and both impotent and annoying and in some ways positively malevolent on sociocon vs sociolib issues.

And he is literally an enemy of lawful and republican government, while she is certainly not that.

On balance?

Better Hillary, surely, for whom I voted without a moment's real doubt.

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