Saturday, August 5, 2017

Labor, socialism, and "a more equal society"

For most of us, the history of Communism in the 20th Century, not excepting its history in Cuba and other loci in Latin America, has given socialism a very bad name, not only for economic misrule and failure but for political tyranny.

Not for all of  us.

But for most.

Ken Livingstone: Venezuela crisis due to Chávez's failure to kill oligarchs

Ken Livingstone: putting the record straight on Venezuela

Labour speaks out on Venezuela as pressure mounts on Corbyn

A Guardian summary of the state of play in late July

Why won't Jeremy Corbyn talk about what's happening in Venezuela?

Remember all those left-wing pundits who drooled over Venezuela?

(Rachel Maddow is a great fan of Naomi Klein, by the way.)

NYT, yesterday: Venezuela’s New Leaders Begin Their March Toward Total Control

The Vatican calls on Venezuela to suspend its Constituent Assembly

Even the Jesuits strongly oppose the regime.

And the Jesuit Pope.

Pope Francis pleads for halt to Venezuela’s ‘rigged’ constituent assembly

London Times, today: Venezuelan exiles beg Corbyn to condemn Maduro

Venezuela Troops Take Prosecutor Office as Enemies Targeted

Previously a supporter, she has become a dissident and recently vowed to use her authority to investigate claimed irregularities in the weekend plebiscite.

London-based Smartmatic, which provided the voting technology for the controversial vote, said Wednesday that the National Electoral Council voting numbers of more than 8 million people -- about 41.53% of registered voters -- are off by 1 million votes.

The Bolivarian Revolution will not be tolerating that.

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