Monday, August 7, 2017

Let Bozo front his wall

Steve M this morning is hilarious.

How about an alternate funding stream for the wall?

Obviously, Democrats should oppose any tax outlays for the wall. 

But I think they should propose an alternative way to fund it.

Democrats should say: You want to build a wall, Mr. President? Then the Trump Organization should put up the money. 

What's the risk? 

It's a huge, successful company, isn't it? 

We haven't seen the tax returns so we don't know for sure, but we've been told how huge and successful it is so many times that it must be true -- right? 

So the company has to be rich enough to fund the wall. 

And what could go wrong? 

We've been guaranteed that Mexico will reimburse the cost, so ultimately the Trump Organization won't pay a dime. 


If the Dems urged this, the GOP members would smile up their sleeves.

Any reading Steve, this morning, are probably smiling already.

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