Thursday, August 10, 2017

MSNBCs house general: NK has or soon will have nukes they can hit us with. Get used to it.

General Barry McCaffrey.

The MSNBC CMW is that this is inevitable and no military action to delay or prevent it beyond pure symbolism is acceptable.

Certainly nothing that risks war.

They continue to urge diplomatic actions and sanctions as an alternative to military action, though they themselves at the same time repeatedly say they will not work.

Their solicitude for the civilians in Seoul whose city would (we are told) get clobbered by artillery in the first minutes of a general peninsular war far exceeds their solicitude for Americans who will soon face being nuked if the US actually attempted to defend SK from NK.

NK is right.

The day they can nuke San Francisco is the day after the last day on which they will face any significant danger of a war to force regime change on them.

And every day from that day forward is a day on which the US is much less likely than today to come to the aid of SK if NK invades the South.

Paper tiger, eh?

Oh, and nobody is even whispering reminders that Eisenhower ended the first Korean War by use of a totally believable threat to use nukes.

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