Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The faux presidency

Our Non-Unitary Executive

What is most remarkable is the extent to which his senior officials act as if Trump were not the chief executive.  

Never has a president been so regularly ignored or contradicted by his own officials.

I’m not talking about so-called “deep state” bureaucrats.  

I’m talking about senior officials in the Justice Department and the military and intelligence and foreign affairs agencies.  

And they are not just ignoring or contradicting him in private.  

They are doing so in public for all the world to see.

. . . .

The President is a figurehead who barks out positions and desires, but his senior subordinates carry on with different commitments.


Bozo says what he wants and his officials do what they want.

The opposite of one of the Fredericks of Prussia, I forget which, whose comment on the role of the free press in his otherwise autocratic regime was, "They say what they want and I do what I want."

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