Saturday, August 12, 2017

Violence in Charlottesville

Repeated and widespread incidents of violence, mostly but not only rightists attacking leftists, shown on MSNBC's live coverage.

Police have ordered everyone to disperse and broken up the original rally for unlawful assembly, but this small town is full of these people, walking around, looking for trouble.

The point has been made repeatedly that many in the crowd on both sides are armed with bats or fighting sticks, wearing loaded gloves, wearing helmets, or carrying shields, and the police should have disarmed them as they got off their buses but did not make any attempt to do that.

But many of the attacks have involved chemical mace or pepper spray.

According to the MSNBC newsie on the ground, armed white militia were here early on and police, far from disarming them, checked them in and let them form up early in the day to provide security for rightist demonstrators.

No hints of any involvement they may have had in any clashes.

Somewhat disingenuously, the left commentariat are blaming Trump and his campaign for the rise of this sort of stuff, omitting reference to the equally recent movement all across the South to remove monuments to the Confederacy, the very thing these rightist white racists are here to protest.

Probably the latter had a lot more to do with setting off these folks.

All the same, it says nothing good about America or the South that those monuments were erected in the first place and allowed to stand for all this time.

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