Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Did Bozo threaten to nuke Korea in response to talk?

Trump's credibility crisis goes nuclear

From political, diplomatic, and historical perspectives, Trump's threat, delivered from his golf club in New Jersey, was an extraordinary moment and shattered years of national security conventions in apparently threatening to use nuclear weapons in response to an adversary's rhetoric -- rather than an existential threat to US security.

Sure, the writer forgets that the "adversary's rhetoric" was precisely a threat to nuke the US.

Still, The Duce did indeed threaten all this unprecedented fire and fury would be rained down on NK in response, not to attack or even some threatening action, but in response to threats.

But was Bozo on the golf course himself referring to use of nukes?

Do we have anything definite on that, or is that just interpretation provided by his critics?

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