Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Immigration reform to privilege whites?

President Trump today

The plan in four bullets.
  • Slash legal immigration by half
  • Tighten rules for temporary work visas
  • Sharply restrict family-based visas
  • Cap refugee program at 50,000 a year
But the key change is this.

President Trump's immigration plan favors green card applicants who speak English and can financially support their families. 

Trump also pointed out that these applicants won't be allowed on welfare when they come into the country.

Trump cast the proposal a way to protect American workers by reducing unskilled immigration.

. . . .

President Trump unveiled a new immigration plan to move to a merit-based system, favoring green card applicants who speak English and can financially support their families, according to the President.

"Immigration demonstrates our compassion for struggling American families," Trump said, adding that it "puts America first."

I could surely be wrong, but it seems to me the idea is to limit nonwhite and encourage white immigration since, globally speaking and as regards the main sources of immigration to the US, the "English speakers only" restriction cuts out great swaths of nonwhites.

As does the bias in favor of skilled and educated, as opposed to unskilled and uneducated, immigrants.

And to discourage welfare-seekers, of course - which also would have a significantly greater impact on nonwhite than white immigration, again looking at the principal sources of flow into this country.

The left wing noise machine is already denouncing the plan as racist and the majority of Congressional Republicans, known to favor high low-wage immigration, is without enthusiasm.

A proposal that is probably even more DOA than Bozo's early Muslim bans.

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