Sunday, April 9, 2017

All about the pictures?

So said Trump, in explaining his decisions regarding the use of gas in Syria and the acceptability of Assad's regime.

Has he seen the pictures of children killed by conventional weapons in that same war?

Guess not, or he might not have supported Assad until just the other day, or closed America to Syrian refugees.

Has he seen the pictures of children dying of famine in Africa, or from terrible viral diseases?

Guess not, or he would not have slashed the "foreign aid" money America has been spending in combating both.

Is it "either/or"?

Either the attack on Syria was truly an impulsive response to photos by a more dangerously foolish president than we thought we were stuck with or it, along with the sidelining of Bannon, the return of the conventional NSC, and Trump's firmness regarding the threat of North Korea, signals abandonment of the foreign policy Buchananism embodied in the slogan, "America First", for a return to normal DC globalism.

If not either of those, then what?

Probably not that Trump is really, somehow, doing all this in connivance with Putin in some deeply nefarious plot.

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