Saturday, April 8, 2017

Buchananites are not happy about the Syria attack

Trump’s Disillusioned Supporters

Ann Coulter, Milo Y, and others.

Can't find anything from Pat Buchanan, himself, yet.

It is being urged by many that such an aggressive, interventionist act is contrary to the America First policy he campaigned for.

And it is.

But Bozo's campaign was not particularly consistent on this.

He also campaigned on beefing up the military so America would be respected and not be pushed around any more.

And he specifically and repeated mocked Obama, during the campaign, for drawing a red line in the sands of Syria, telling Assad he dare not cross it by using chemical weapons - though at the time he himself was no hawk - and then wussing out when Assad called his bluff.

Assad went ahead and used chemical weapons and Obama, despite the urging of Kerry and others in and out of his administration, did nothing very much but complain.

The threatened punitive military action did not occur.

Bozo repeatedly and joyfully chided Obama for this during his campaign, and there was simply no way he was going to do anything that appeared retrospectively to ratify or justify O's failure to act.

That, probably, more than anything else, is why he did it.

Update, 040817, 1513 hrs EDT.

After Syria strike, populist supporters abandon Trump at home and abroad

Check out the reactions from Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen.

And this is about right.

Populists who applauded Trump for his disdain for US interventions overseas and his campaign declaration that the US "cannot be the policeman of the world" were aghast by the strike. 

In contrast, an international community that has often held Trump at arm's length stepped up to declare their rock-solid support for the new US president.

Oh, and why hasn't anyone but Pat Buchanan, himself, called Bozo for, again contrary to the America First thing, being as firm as he has been about standing up for Japan and South Korea?

If you're serious about Buchananism in foreign affairs you need to start withdrawing American troops from Korea, Japan, and the entire Pacific west of Hawaii.

Or at least planning for it.

And nobody is even talking about that.

But Bozo wants to increase military spending by some 50+ billion dollars.

Who thinks that makes the least sense if your plan is to draw back from all our global military commitments?

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