Wednesday, April 12, 2017


A retired general and news network consultant said recently the sane response to Korean development of a nuclear strike capability would be to deploy an effective system of missile defense.

That may be the best we can do.


News says China is considering cutting off Korean oil and state controlled media say China is tired of the strains of the nuclear issue right on their border.

Off the wall, I ask might not China and the US go to the table with South Korea and Japan and agree to regime change in North Korea, putting in place a non-nuclear and Communist regime on the Chinese model, friendly to China politically and similar to China in approach to economics and trade?

Could any such thing be done without war?

Probably not.

Too bad.

The real problem, after all, is that the North Korean regime is nuts.

Who but Cold War diehards and Korean nationalists is really hot for reunification under the capitalist, American allied South Korean government?

The general interest in diminishing tensions in the region would be much better served by the solution I have suggested.

But not a chance in hell, I suppose.

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