Monday, April 10, 2017

Mission accomplished?

Well, they certainly pushed Russia-gate off the front pages.

And they're definitely not palling around with Putin, are they?

$ 30 + million spent on that Tomahawk attack and Assad did not lose the use of even one airfield, for even one day.

And not a single tweet to show us Bozo's true face, his leering, obscene, and repulsive clown face, in all this time.

Maybe somebody has handcuffed the real Trump and thrown him in the basement.

The guy in front of the cameras, first seen announcing the strike, is an imposter, put out there by Javanka.

And has there really been any change in US policy concerning Assad?

In truth, isn't Bozo's fake presidency an interregnum between real presidents, during which the government is continuing on automatic pilot, following it's last, previously set course?

Much as the empire would have done, had Caligula been, for a few years, succeeded by his horse.

President Bozo, aka Incitatus the First.

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