Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bozo approaching disaster?

In Korea, whose preemptive strike will come first, our clown's or theirs?

In Syria, Bozo scrapped prudence for stupidly righteous belligerence to push Siberiagate out of the news.

This is the guy with the launch codes.

This is the guy his voters - a really dumb minority - chose to deal with the 3 am call.

And yet, if she isn't woofing, Hillary would already have brought us much closer to war with Assad and Putin.

Bozo is blustering and blundering toward conflict.

She would have moved us closer, quite deliberately.

And Korea?

Meanwhile, the Top Banana of Buchananism makes all the arguments against jumping into Syria.

Even a broken clock . . . .

Is Trump Joining the War Party?

Well, from this latest about NATO expansion, I would have to say he is.

Trump Approves of Latest NATO Expansion

Another tiny and insignificant faraway place for Americans to die for.

So Trump figured out one way to silence the constant chorus of accusation he was in Putin's pocket would be to enlist in Cold War II.

And then he promptly did it.

And the chorus fell silent.


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