Thursday, April 6, 2017

Strange talk, strange deed, for an isolationist

The Duce says idiotically, parroting Kerry of years ago, that he's defending a vital US interest.

Many people say the attack was proportional to the wrong done by the Assad regime.

So GW destroying both Afghanistan and Iraq over 9/11 was perhaps a trifle excessive?

Anyway, this is certainly not Trump the Buchananite, though he did less than Hillary would have done and actually called for.

And this is not the action of a man getting his orders from Moscow.

If Putin bought him, looks like he didn't stay bought.

This may not signal that Trump is now in favor of regime change.

It may only be that he wants Assad and everyone to see him as at last punishing Assad for crossing the line, exactly where Obama wussed out.

You know, that "Chemical weapons bad!" line.

If so, he'll find he gets little credit from the interventionists and some, maybe much, blame from the anti-interventionists.

Does Trump seriously think killing people - even children - with bullets, grenades, IEDs, or bombs is OK, though killing them with Sarin is not?

Who but the most obtuse liberal - Kerry, for example - could believe such priggish, pedantic nonsense?

Reportedly, the regime in Syria has used gas 161 times in this war.

Maybe Trump never saw the photos?

Maybe he didn't know?

What line did Assad cross that he hasn't crossed 161 times before?

What line drawn by Trump did he cross?

When did Trump draw it?

Trump has acted like a foolish man moved by photos of this single event, though 161 previous, like events cut no ice.

Those who believe this is not acting are alarmed at impulsive Trump.

Those who see this as acting by that inveterate actor, Fyodor Karamazov, are also alarmed.

What about Korea?

And was this, to some degree, also a message to the North Koreans?

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