Friday, April 21, 2017

Maduro leads Venezuela towards chaos

Venezuela's latest corporate target is Spain's Telefonica

Uncompensated seizure of private property for public use.

Maduro's announcement comes just a day after General Motors (GM) said authorities unexpectedly seized its auto manufacturing plant in Venezuela, showing a "total disregard" of its legal rights.

Huge swaths of Venezuela's economy have been nationalized in recent decades, including private oil, telecommunications, energy and cement businesses.

. . . .

The recent large-scale protests erupted after Maduro's administration barred opposition leader Henrique Capriles from holding political office for the next 15 years. 

At least nine people have been killed in the protests. Maduro has been accused by the opposition of behaving like a dictator.

In late March, the loyalist-backed Supreme Court tried to strip the opposition-led National Assembly of its powers, but quickly reversed course after a severe public outcry. 

The Supreme Court also blocked all reforms from opposition lawmakers.

GM isn't the only company in crisis in Venezuela

Latin America nations condemn Venezuela violence

And in a further lurch to the left, reminding us not only of Allende's subversion of the Chilean state but of Hitler's brownshirts and Mussolini's blackshirts, we see this.

Venezuela's Maduro to provide guns to 400,000 loyalists amid peaking tension

Venezuela's purely local mess can quickly become a national security problem for the US if Maduro allies his Bolivarian Revolution with Russia or China, or worse still with North Korea or Iran.

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