Friday, April 7, 2017

Kushner rising?

Nothing new yet, it seems, about or stemming from the Duce's attack on Syria.

But just the other day Bannon got yanked and the NSC resumed its normal, globo-interventionist shape and membership, and now there are rumors Priebus may be on the way out.

Kushner rising?

And does that, what with the attack on Syria and the Duce's firm stand on Korea - bolstered by chumminess and smiles toward Xi - signal a significant shift toward the global interventionism of the DC establishment?

What would it mean for domestic affairs?

The Times story is very suggestive.

It is interesting that Bannon, Priebus, and their Roger Stone/Alex Jones type allies have taken to referring to Kushner, Ivanka, and their supporters as "the Democrats," partly because of their views and partly because Kushner was a lifelong Democrat who "converted" to run the campaign.

Especially since Trump, also, was a lifelong Democrat who converted to run his campaign.

That Breitbart thinks "the Democrats" are a threat is encouraging.

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