Monday, April 3, 2017

Making History?

Democrats close to gathering enough votes to filibuster Gorsuch

In the teeth of GOP threats to change the rules on the spot and effectively if not formally abolish the filibuster for supremes, the Dems seem close to filibustering Gorsuch, anyway.

If they do and the GOP does reply by abolishing the filibuster, which some think unconstitutional anyway, that will be an important moment in senate history, making an anti-democratic institution less anti-democratic in its own internal workings.

Update, 040517.

Mitch McConnell was on today assuring newsies that there was absolutely no support in either party for abolishing or weakening "the legislative veto."

Meanwhile, some ignorant buffoon on CNN was misinforming audiences that the Founders - who of course had no idea of any such thing - , who wished the senate to be a more deliberate and wise body than the house, would be aghast at prospective abolition of the filibuster for judicial nominees.

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