Saturday, August 5, 2017

Odd. My pessimism is fading.

Trump optimism starting to wear off

So far, those of his more malevolent aspirations that require cooperation or at least acceptance by another branch of government have been rebuffed.

Even when the GOP Congress has tried its best to cooperate, as in the case of trashing Ocare, it has failed.

Come to that, when the Congressional GOP has sought to do its own worst, it has not succeeded in much.

And Bozo hasn't yet provoked any really major overseas disasters.

But . . .

More than six months into Donald Trump's young presidency, optimism among his core supporters -- and American voters at large -- is starting to fade.

After Trump's surprise victory in November, six in 10 American voters said they were mostly optimistic about his presidency. 

Now that's a shocking number.

Did that many of us really expect him to "make America great, again?"

Did that many of us not recognize him for the utter fraud and wholly malignant bounder that he is?

But that number slipped to 52% in March and 43% today -- now 10 percentage points underwater, according to new polling this week from Quinnipiac University.

Indeed, a majority of registered voters (53%) now say they are mostly pessimistic about the next few years of Trump's time in office.

And core groups that carried Trump to victory are not immune to the deteriorating optimism around the President about six months into his term.

And this is disheartening.

Like the rooster getting credit for the sunrise.

Trump consistently garners his most positive marks on the economy, which has added a million jobs since he took office and hovers at record-low unemployment.

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