Saturday, August 12, 2017

Who is making this controversy a "racially tinged" one?

Hint: Not the white guys who like Bernie

Inside the fight that could derail the Democratic Party

The Hillary supporters during the campaign bashed Bernie's people for being way too white and way too male.

They never went away, and neither did their racism and misandry.

As for Kemala Harris, I think she might have a future but is too much of a lightweight for 2020 or even 2024.

Not every nonwhite one term Democratic senator is a rock star.

But for some activists among the Democrats the candidate has to be a woman and has to be mulatto or black, a rule that can only contribute to keeping race rather than class at the center of American politics - though that, of course, is exactly as many of these folks would want it.

As for Bernie, I would rather he and his ilk not take over the Democratic Party, of course.

Their emphasis on class politics is all to the good, and it would be good to move our politics away from race.

But neither Bernie nor his supporters are actually Democrats - not even progressive Democrats - in outlook or loyalty, and are just flat out too far left, with their hatred of capitalism and vacuous, utopian blather about socialism.

Not to mention their Zinnism about the American past.

And I do not assume, as the Sanders folks do, that failure to support Bernie's characteristic agenda of 2016 rather than Hillary's would or should doom either a prospective candidate or the Democrats, in 2020 or beyond.

Oh, and the self-righteousness of these people is utterly repulsive, with their endless self-congratulations for "speaking truth to power".

Talk about nauseating.

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