Saturday, August 12, 2017

Cannot be described without epithets

This CNN piece is not news coverage of this event.

It is news coverage of expressions of hatred for the people participating, condemnations of their ideas and aims, and claims to popular visceral reactions to them like nausea.

This is the sort of propaganda instead of news that the left demanded of the press in connection with Trump during his campaign, and that MSNBC and others are providing that fellow who got fired from Google for crimespeak.

Charlottesville remains on edge ahead of 'Unite the Right' rally

All the same, these folks are seriously out there, types who could have chummed around with Tim McVeigh.

'Increasingly Nazified' white nationalist rally descends on Virginia amid expected protests

Chanting about Jews? Really?

It's as though these loons were trying their best to narrow their potential fan base to the criminally insane.

I suppose it's an open question how far these people actually are fascists, and even the neo-nazis seem to have little if anything in common with the real nazis (who actually were fascist, though that was, if not the least of their sins, then certainly among their lesser sins) but an admiration for their uniforms and their vast program of state-organized violence against Jews.

Remember The Turner Diaries?

The aim of fascism was a dictatorial reorganization and modernization of the nation state, along with considerable state control of private associations and life.

The sort of thing people used to call "totalitarianism," a term far more accurately descriptive of Communist regimes than of Mussolini's Italy or even Hitler's Germany.

The aim expressed in The Turner Diaries was global genocide of all nonwhites.

Not the same thing, at all.

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