Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bozo, the blustering blunderer, impulsively signs onto Cold War II

Where will he get us into a war first, Korea or Ukraine?

Trump: Crimea was 'taken' by Russia

He hits back at whatever is hitting him at the moment with whatever right wing meme will sting.

As the set of right wing memes is egregiously inconsistent, so are his tweets and so would be any foreign policy, or foreign policy expectations, erected on them.

Under a firestorm of adverse publicity in which his enemies, who are legion, use his own pro-Putin and anti-NATO posturing against him he flips, complains Obama was too weak and let Putin take the Crimea, insists Putin must stop the violence in eastern Ukraine and return Crimea.

The Graham/McCain team hit him from both sides, Graham demanding investigation of the Trump administration's connections with the Russians while McCain demands we provide lethal aid to Ukraine to fight back against Putin-supported Russian separatists.

Meanwhile, Putin amuses himself and patriotic Russia by publicly slapping Bozo around, buzzing our ships in the Black Sea, deploying cruise missiles forbidden by an arms control treaty with the US, and sending spy ships along our coast from Cuba.

And Mattis, playing to the wrong meme at the wrong time and to Russian amusement, castigates NATO allies over money and threatens the US might "moderate its commitments".

It is notorious that a diplomatic blunder by Dean Acheson, whose public remarks about American security commitments led Stalin to think we would not fight over that country, precipitated the Korean War.

Bozo's remarks at various times have been publicly construed, even by the relevant enemies, as indicating a reluctance to fight North Korea or Russia in defense of threatened allies, though we are committed by treaty to do so and failure on his part to live up to that treaty would be an impeachable offense.

If anybody was in the mood.

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